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                                                                Best You Guru

                                    5 Pillars of your personal achievement formula:

Pillar 1) Find your WHY
This has become a popular phrase and it has been true through history. The reason you do something is more important than the how. The how is a manifestation of the why. I taught this philosophy we I first began this journey of teaching achievement, in 1972, and it remains equally relevant today. 
Define the reason for your desire to achieve the goal. It is not important if you can't define the reason why. Clearly and concisely define why it is important. Clearly and concisely define what your life will look like once the goal is reached. You must clearly define and understand the why if you are to achieve your goals.

Pillar 2) Simplify your focus
Complexity is the tool of failure. Clarity provides simplicity. Clarity is a tool for success. A person having a comprehensive understanding of their purpose will maintain a clear vision of their desires. A muddled picture of where you are going is a reflection of your lack of understanding of your destination. A clear path will appear once your focus becomes clear. Once your mind simplifies your focus the way becomes clear for achievement. A person must have a comprehensive understanding of their goal. You must keep your eyes on the road. Simply stated, keep in sight the goal you will achieve. Avoid the roadblocks, don't take the wrong turn, and understand the more complicated the less likely you will achieve. Your focus should be simple. After all, your true goals come from within you and you understand them better than anyone. They will be simple no matter how complicated to the outside world. Complexity is directly related to a person's knowledge and understanding. You must understand your goals because there is no one that can explain them to you. To really achieve you must understand with clarity what it is you plan to achieve. One measure of your understanding is your ability to explain. Albert Einstein provided a concise method to measure a person's understanding of a subject, "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother". You personal achievement goal may or may not be a complicated as Einstein's Theory of Relativity, however, in order to achieve your goals, you must be able to explain them.

3) Define your legacy
Come to understand what your life's actions leave behind. Live a life that sets the example of a life well lived. A well lived and personally, fulfilling life requires a deep and soul-searching process that goes beyond societal norms. Surfacing living is not what a life of achievement is about. You must thirst for the real you and your true purpose. If you are important to you than I suggest you find you and go beyond what others have told you to be. Deep, I know but so is the gift within you. Determine the impact your life will leave upon the world. Your life will leave little impact if you do not live to your potential. You have control of your impact. Your life will either have a positive impact on your legacy or it serves the purposes of others. You define the legacy your life will leave. Accept your responsibility to you.

4) Form a Board of Directors 
Each of us has a small group of people we use as a sounding board. We were assigned a board of directors at birth. Birth boards may or may not be achievement appropriate. We too often assume birth boards are the best. This assumption may serve us well or maybe a major hindrance. Some boards are composed of peers that say things we like to hear. Some boards are comprised of people that allow us comfort. Some boards are composed of people with no answers. Some boards are composed of people with wrong answers. Some boards are made up of people with the correct answers. We are the average of the five people we spend the majority of our time and we take directions in life based upon who we allow on our personal Board of Directors. We either place them on our board or they volunteer. We have the choice on who goes on the board. We determine who provided the advice that guides us through life.

No one achieves alone. Every success is built on the efforts, advice, and production of those coming before or with us. Forming a positive Board of Directors is critical to your achievement. Who is on your board will determine your success in life. Who you listen, who advises you, who guides you, who sets the example, and who struggles with you are important to achievement. There is a reason every major successful company has a powerful and effective board of directors. If you are to achieve your dreams you must have an effective Board of Directors. You may love your cousin, your siblings, your parents, your friends, and numerous other people however they may not be the people best to form your Board of Directors. Select people that have been where you want to go, people who are financially independent of you, people that care about your achievement, people who aren't afraid to voice their opinions, people that understand methods for removing success obstacles, people who know things you don't, and achievement focused people. Your Board of Directors is critical to your personal achievement in life. Achievement requires you not to achieve alone. John Donne reminds us "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent."

5) Envision money not a job
Albert Einstein made it very clear and true when comparing wealth to a job. When talking about his theory of relativity he said he only came up with it once, but it kept him in pipe tobacco for years. Breakthroughs can launch a company, a movement, a life of dreams. Push for a breakthrough that meets the needs of society, improves the lives of people, or solves some problem. Too often we associate a job with success and security. This is dangerous and potential limiting. For this purpose, we define a job as working for someone else. Many people hide from themselves with a job. A job can keep you busy while you hide from your potential and calling. Life is to be lived not just merely exist. A job provides security at the moment. When you leave your job for the day there is no assurance it will be yours the next day. There are no guarantees of employment if the company goes bankrupt, the company is sold, the company installs new management or numerous other changes that could take place. Job security is illusionary. Economic trends in certain segments of the economy may create a decline in employment. I recommend people focus on money in whatever form that takes for you. In order to control your individual success, you must be able to control your assets. You never have real control if the job is the measure of your achievement. The job should be nothing more than an avenue to capture more wealth. You should never have only one income stream. Capturing wealth should come in many forms and losing one should never create economic bankruptcy. Maintain several income streams and the loss or decrease in one will create a situation where income can be increased in another. Always envision wealth, in whatever form that excites you, and understand a job is only one method of wealth creation.

Best You is devoted to the proposition that the development of human potential should never be sacrificed for technological advancements. We are losing our ability for personal achievement. We socialize our children to accept the idea that education is to get a job. We must stop this false narrative. We must allow our children to understand that an education is to live a better life. Earning profits for an international corporation may pay for a house but it does not build a better life. We need to focus on allowing our children to become self-sufficient.

Your life's achievement reveals your formula for living

Action Step: Create a list of the following 5 focus points. Place them where you see the every day for a minimum of30 days.
1) Find you why
2) Simplify your focus
3) Define your legacy
4) Form a Board of Directors
5) Envision money not a job

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