Authentic Identity Theory 

Each of us enters this world with an authentic identity. Almost immediately a lifelong struggle to maintain our identity begins. What is this struggle? It is a daily struggle to conform to societal demands and expectations or to fulfill one purpose through authenticity. Each of us is born with greatness and goodness with a desire to achieve. Each of us is born with tremendous potential. This is tremendous potential is innately contained within our genome. We are encoded with uniques greatness. The genome is our set of chromosomes with all of our genes. The genome is our genetic material. It is the foundation of our greatness on which to build. How we express our genes, our genetic expression can vary greatly based upon the nurturing process. A lifelong struggle begins almost immediately. A struggle between individual fulfillment and confirming to societal demands.                 
Environment and Genome
The brain absorbs information at varying levels of human development. Science teaches us that brain waves have much to do with human behavior and personality development. The brain consists of billions of brain cells called neurons. The combination of neurons sending signals at once produces an enormous amount of electrical activity in the brain. These synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other produce brainwaves. The speed of a brainwave is measured in Hertz (cycles per second). 1 Hertz represents one vibration cycle per second, 60 Hertz represents per second, and so forth. These waves vary in frequency and amplitude (the depth and height of each wave). Brainwaves are generally broken down into five main frequencies: Delta waves, Theta waves, Alpha waves, Beta waves, and Gamma waves. 
During the ages of 0 to 2 years, a child’s brain operates at 0 – 4 HZ which are called Delta Brain Waves. Delta waves are associated with deep levels of relaxation and restorative sleep. They are associated with the deepest levels of relaxation, and restorative, healing sleep. Delta waves are attributed to several of our unconscious bodily functions such as regulating the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Individuals may experience learning disabilities or other cognitive disabilities if there is abnormal Delta activity. People tend to produce fewer Delta waves as they age.     
From the ages of 2 to 6 a child’s brain operates at 4-8HZ called Theta Wave. These brain waves are referred to as suggestible waves. The brain is more open and relaxed. The child’s brain at this stage is easily impressionable. It is in this mental state that people have a more open mindset, display more creativity, and an individual is more connected to themselves and others. It is the malleability of this stage that allows a child to be critically vulnerable to outside influences. Feelings of raw emotion are found during this state. Theta waves are present during restorative sleep, restorative yoga, daydreaming, or other activity of a restful state. This particular frequency of brain waves is optimal for hypnosis as well as other forms of therapy and healing. People express a feeling of intuitiveness and a feeling of being more in touch with a natural state.   
From the ages of 6 to 12 a child’s brain operates at 8-12 HZ called Alpha Wave. 
Alpha waves are the ‘frequency bridge’ between our conscious thinking (Beta) and subconscious (Theta) mind. They are known to help calm you down and promote feelings of deeper relaxation and content. They are emitted when we are in a state of physical and mental relaxation. Studies show that Alpha states significantly increase beta-endorphin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. These are naturally occurring chemicals linked to feelings of expanded mental clarity. They create an internal environment for new learning and accessing previously learned information. This frequency range bridges the gap between our conscious thinking and subconscious mind. They help individuals remain calm when necessary and promote feelings of deep relaxation. 
Over the age of 12 and into adulthood a person’s brain operates at 12-35 HZ, called Beta waves. Lower frequency brain waves place an individual into a more programmable state and as an individual enters adulthood the frequency increase. Beta waves are known as high-frequency low amplitude brain waves that are observed during the individual’s waking hours. These waves are involved in speaking, thinking, reading, cognitive reasoning, concentration, critical thinking, and skills requiring manual dexterity. This is the brain wave emitting the fight or flight response. Beta waves increase with stimulants such as caffeine creating a mindset of accomplishment. Too many Beta waves may lead to stress and/or anxiety.     
Gamma waves are a recent discovery and have a frequency above 35 HZ. The understanding of their importance is evolving. It is known they are involved in more complex tasks and healthy cognitive functioning. Gamma waves are important for memory, processing new information, formation of ideas, and learning. Gamma waves disappear during deep sleep induced by anesthesia but return when an individual is awakened.    
It is important to recognize and understand brain frequencies as they apply to human development. The brain uses certain waves to process information. The wave used depends on the situation. Beta or Gamma waves may be involved in a business meeting or academic environment. During the sleep cycle, an individual may experience higher levels of Delta or Theta waves. Understanding brainwaves enhances a person’s ability to make use of the benefits of each wave. Research has shown that a particular brainwave may be dominant at any given time but the remaining brainwaves are present and in the mix of brainwaves at all times.  
The lower frequency brain wave places the child into a more programmable state. Children observe fundamental behaviors and attitudes from the world around them. This becomes hardwired as synaptic pathways into the subconscious mind. Once programmed into the subconscious these behaviors and attitudes control our biology for the rest of our lives unless we can reprogram them. What a child hears about themselves, hears about their potential, is taught about the world around them, and everything the child experiences become defined as the truth to the child. The subconscious mind does not have free will. It is a computer programmed by the environment and the genome. Subconscious programming takes control once the conscious mind is not paying attention. However, the conscious mind has free will. We do not have to become victims of our former programming. Previous environmental programming can be reprogrammed by the conscious mind. Your potential is limited unless you take responsibility and control of living your authentic identity.  
The Greatest Theft in History
No child is born with a cruel spirit. No child has the aspirations to enter adulthood as a junkie. No child claims to have the goal of spending their life in prison. Authentic identity is adaptable to societal conditions but must remain true to itself in the process of achieving a fuller potential. Authentic identity remains at the core of who we are born to become. Every individual on this planet is born with the potential to live as their authentic self. The authentic identity contains the mission and talents required to achieve the potential of each individual. The theft of human potential is the greatest in human history. The theft may be unintentional but it is theft regardless of cause. This theft has inhibited the progression of human existence in a more positive, productive, and peaceful manner. Societies must achieve a balance between the needs of the individual and the needs of society to positively address contemporary issues. Authentic identity theory maintains each individual has an underutilized potential that has been suppressed for the sake of conformity. The challenges facing humankind can only be solved for the benefit of humanity with the comprehension and development of the authentic identity. 
The Answer
Throughout history survival of the human species required a greater emphasis on the needs of the group. Environmental and social conditions made individual survival depend on the actions of the group. The odds of an individual becoming exclusively self-sufficient were extremely low. The needs of the group surpassed the needs of the individual. Modern humanity finds itself in a position where the survival of the group is more dependent on the development of individual potential. The individual is more important for group survival than at any time in human history. Groupthink without the focus on the potential of the individual has become counterproductive. There is one possible solution to this dilemma. People are the answer. Societies have spent centuries and fortunes improving the world around individuals but very little for the development of the individual. It is time to focus on individual potential. Medicines have been developed to address symptoms. It is time to address the causes. Focusing on the tangible aspects of life creates very little of the intangibles. Love, appreciation, belongingness, acceptance, and more of the internal foundations provide the quality of life which secures a positive path forward for humanity. Solving world hunger can be accomplished with the development of authentic identity and the potential found within. Agricultural techniques are failing us. Modern machinery and techniques are unable to keep pace with the need. World hunger is a problem and the development of each individual is the answer. This example applies to all aspects of humanity. A life well lived begins from within. Developing an authentic identity must become the focus.
Historically, societies have been constructed to serve the needs of the masses or to serve the desires of a select segment of society. Individual desires and needs are often sacrificed for the nebulous common good. Modern societies will be better served by allowing the individual authentic identity to become the concentration of society. Authentic identity theory supports the hypothesis that allowing each individual to more fully reach their potential enables the advancement of societies more beneficial to all stakeholders. The current process is acclimatization of the individual’s authentic identity for the agreed-upon construct of the society’s identity and preferences. Individual greatness has been sacrificed. Authentic identity has never been more important to the human experience. Advancing technology is advancing at a rate surpassing society’s ability to maintain control. Conformity and groupthink are no longer the primary or dominant tools required for survival. Groupthink is now becoming detrimental to the human experience. An individual’s ability for self-determination can only be fueled by a more fully utilized potential. Focusing on the development of the authentic identity is the path forward. Our modern age is witnessing a turning point in human development.
We Never Go Away 
Children up until the approximate age of 4 are operating on their authentic level. They operate at a level of purpose, achievement, and unlimited possibility. They live in a world of endless potential. Somewhere around the age of four, the assimilation process consciously activates. At 20 years of age, approximately 10% of children will still be operating with the abilities found in their authentic identity. At 30 years of age, approximately 2% of people will be operating using the gifts of greatness found in their authentic identity. The 2% somehow hold onto themselves by maintaining their authentic identity. Approximately 2% of the population can live a life truer to their intrinsic talents. Does the question present itself as to what happened to the authentic identity of 98%? It never goes away. It remains within the individual. It has been buried by societal expectations of conformity. Societal conformity can be demonstrated in multiple methods. Burials of authentic identity can be seen with innocent words designed to help. By the time a person is 17 years of age, they have heard “no” more than 150,000 times and “yes” only 5000 times. The more an individual hears what a person can’t do and the more a person hears what they can’t become results in living a nonauthentic life. These words imprint the brain with a set of limitations. Instead of possibilities, people are imprinted with limitations. Families teach conformity to a world seen through the eyes of others. Religion teaches conformity to an ideology that cannot be seen. Schools teach people to focus on the negative. Teachers are taught to highlight and bring to the surface what is wrong and minimize what was correct. This activity imparts to people the importance of focusing on the wrong answers in life. Teachers highlight the mistakes not the correct answers on exams. This one method can send the message that failing is bad and to be avoided. As a person faces the challenges and opportunities life provides, the lesson of failure avoidance inhibits many people from even attempting what could be achieved. It is the avoidance of failure that was learned. Well-intended expectations will often produce unintended consequences. Layer upon layer of expectations is piled upon the authentic identity of an individual. After years of this piling on, the authentic individual is buried. The individual loses touch with their authenticity and their potential. Potential is buried. Cemeteries are filled with graves of unused potential.   
We Knew at the Beginning
Achievement by design is a method by which every individual will be able to adapt productive principles into their daily lives to live their authentic identity. Erik Erikson, German-American developmental psychologist coined the phrase “identity crisis”. Erikson developed a theory describing stages of human development. Erikson believed society’s view of a child impacts the way the child sees themselves. Authentic identity theory builds upon Erickson’s premise. Authentic identity is the identity a child has before the impacts of societal influence. Identity confusion occurs when the family and society attempt to replace the authentic identity with societal expectations and norms. A child enters this world with the desire to achieve. Instinctively goals are established at an early age. Achievement is the most efficient and rewarding path to reach fuller potential. Achievement is natural and simple. Once entering the world our first major achievement is realized. Without it, nothing else is possible. It is natural and simple but maintaining its perfection takes a lifetime. Breathing is the first major achievement of a lifetime. A baby does not recognize why. A baby needs no person motivating them. Babies do not need to be shown how. They just breathe. It is natural. No one teaches a baby to breathe. There were no instruction books for the baby to breathe. Babies just breathe. As people grow older they forget. The difference between a baby's breathing and the breathing patterns of an older individual is significant. The achievement was achieved naturally because a baby is authentic. People fall away from the authentic and adapt to social norms. One of the most stressful situations an individual will ever face is birth, and then they breathed. Breath is the foundation of achievement. Without this achievement nothing else is possible. Another major achievement, for the majority of people, is walking. A baby strives to walk without a why, without major motivation, or anything other than the desire to walk. A baby just walks. The authentic identity within them strives to walk. Most children fail many times before they accomplish this task. Falling is not a failure for a baby. It is natural. As people grow older perspectives of falling down change. People adapt society's construct of falling as failure and failure is wrong. To address issues facing modern society, people must come to recognize failure as natural and an essential part of achieving. Failure is something we should seek and overcome. Children achieve sustained walking from the natural desire to achieve. Babies interpret falling as part of the achievement process. People are born with an authentic identity that seeks to achieve. Achievement is natural.        
Achievement is critical to authentic identity. Participation trophies are no longer useful. Society must recognize achievement is not inflated egos or events where a score is not kept. People must stop self-aggrandizing gestures and connect with their childhood. Every person has the key to their happiness but it has been buried underneath layers of societal expectations. The fundamental component of a successful and fruitful life is connecting with the authentic identity. True personal achievement can only be realized when connected to an authentic identity. All else will bring frustration and a constant desire for something better. The something better for which a person seeks is themselves. Successful living only takes place when personal potential is realized by an authentic identity. Authentic identity and potential are natural traits of each individual. It is not natural for a person to seek what society deems as better. Fulfilling personal dreams can never occur unless connected to an authentic identity. All other fulfilled dreams and lives gratified will be those of others. True achievement begins once an individual connects with their authentic identity.  
Judge correctly 
There can be no personal success without personal achievement and personal achievement requires embracing authentic identity. Success requires overcoming setbacks and breaking through barriers. This requires strength from knowing oneself. Attempting to remain covered up with the expectations of others only weighs an individual down with false expectations and demoralizing outcomes. An individual never fails while attempting to live their dreams. People only fail when working to realize the dreams of others while abdicating their responsibility for their purpose. An individual should never allow another to determine what success looks like. Personal success is connected to authentic identity, for if not, the baseball player would be judged by the standards required of astronauts. We judge doctors by the standards required of doctors. Why not judge personal achievements with the standards set by the authentic identity? A person’s accomplishments in life should only be judged by the standards of their unique authentic identity. 
How can authentic identity be found after years and often decades of an individual being buried by societal values? Some individuals may be afraid to find themselves. Sometimes it is easier to accept what others have told you. What an individual discovers may go against everything they believe. To suddenly learn the truth about oneself can be traumatic. To challenge what you have always believed requires courage, an open mind, and strength. This is required to attain true personal achievement. The achievement process begins once a person realizes who they were as a child and embraces the reality. Some individuals are fortunate to have never disconnected from their authentic identity. They have lived their entire lives as themselves. Read success stories and you will find an underlying theme. People connecting with their truth. People being themselves becomes the theme. People can find themselves in childhood pictures. Pictures of children holding a guitar, beating the drums, hugging a horse, fixing a toy, are all hints of the person’s authentic identity. Avoiding society’s seduction allows each person the opportunity to listen and believe their truth. The child within each person remains in the brain through the entire life of an individual. The healthy brain does not forget. Removing the layers of propaganda and tapping into the memory begins the reconnection process. Discovering the authentic identity and defining the unique purpose is the foundation of success. There is no set of formal processes or methodology for reconnection. Remembering social groups, religion or church, private or public school, political party, interests, hobbies, desires, heroes, favorite subjects in school, games played, music, family structure, smells, feelings, thoughts, events impacting your life, and other information can be crucial to reconnecting. This reconnection is the foundation of personal achievement. This is the starting point on the achievement roadmap.
Achievement by Design Roadmap
People use roadmaps for journeys and vacations. Whether paper, mental, or a destination plugged into a smartphone or GPS app people prepare for events with roadmaps. The most important journey people take is life. And yet a map is rarely prepared. Achievement by Design is a five-step roadmap developed with the authentic identity as the starting point. Each step is defined as a mile marker. Each mile marker has an obstacle to overcome. Each obstacle requires a superpower to assist the individual in overcoming the obstacle. At the end of the roadmap is the destination. Each person seeking a fuller utilization of potential must understand their authentic identity and design their achievement plan. A personalized roadmap provides a sense of ownership and satisfies the need for authenticity. Individuals must comprehend the only method for successful living and the betterment of society is found with designing personalized achievement as an authentic person.   
The past has witnessed improvements in the external world at the cost of the individual. Societies must recognize the need for individual development. The Hunter-Gather Age, the Agrarian Age, the Industrial Age, and the early stages of the Technological Information Age required groupthink for society to advance. Societies have worked to improve the world around humanity and ignored the individual. Achievement restricted itself to the outward manifestations of effort. This historical trend must be reversed. Humanity has reached a point where advancement must come from the authentic identity of the individual. Current and future societies require a fuller utilization of individual potential. Societies must break tradition and accept the challenge of advancing humanity employing the prioritization of the use of the potential of the individual. The combining of individual potential and authentic identity will provide the path for a positive future for humanity. 

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