Self Defense 

I began my formal study in the martial arts in 1972.  I have been fortunate to study several different styles with many great people. Several world champions and many world-class people took time out of their lives to teach me.  I have been very fortunate to have experienced years of training, competition, and friendships. 

While the majority of people have little desire to enter the ring or compete in a competition, they also have no desire to be bullied. No person seeks to live in fear or be intimidated by other. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live to their given potential. A person living in fear is unable to fulfill their promise. A person is able to live to their greater potential once they possess the calm understanding they can defend themselves.  

I have taught thousands of people simple self-defense methods that allow an individual to escape the self-limiting fear of physical harm. Everyone has the ability to defend themselves and in the majority of instances neutralize an opponent. I will never make the claim you can defeat anyone but I will make the claim that your ability to defend yourself is greater than you imagine. There are no mystical magical techniques that will make any attacker defenseless. There are no hidden hand techniques or magic chi dust that breathes the dust of death on all bad people. Everyone possesses the ability to enhance their ability to defend themselves.  

We teach self-defense for the non-fighter. We teach personalized techniques unique to you. The effective technique is the one that disables your attacker and neutralizes the situation. Whether it be a smile, a wrist reversal, humor, a kick, a punch, an elbow strike, an armbar, a submission hold, or simply an apology, we offer self-defense techniques designed for you.  

We offer group classes or one on one classes. Effective self-defense can only be acquired matching the current mental and physical capabilities of the person with the self-defense technique used against an opponent.  A kick to the head looks really good but is not practical for the majority. A jumping spinning back kick is fun and exciting but would only cause dizziness for most people. There is no need for such theatrics when defending yourself. We teach practical self-defense methods that are effective for the individual.