11/15/17                                                                Volume 1 Issue 6


Best You Guru

People spend hours and years developing skills and talents designed to enhance profits for companies. Companies owned by people with a questionable interest in our well-being. The concept of the company retirement program fulfilling obligations to workers is outdated and exists in theory only. Pension plans were replaced by 401K programs. I make no claim as to whether this is right or wrong. I am just stating the reality of modern day employment. Changes and charges on a 401K are frequent without the knowledge of all participants. Companies do not exist to provide freedom and security for employees. This is is often antithetical to the purposes of the company. Companies exist to provide profit for stockholders and owners. Companies are profit driven and this is not a sin against nature. Profits reward those willing to take a chance and invest in an opportunity. It is no sin to want a return on your investment (ROI).


What is a sin against nature is our betrayal of the gifts and talents given to us at birth? Why should we expect a corporation to take care of us when we are willfully blind to our potential? We have sinned against ourselves. We spend our lives enhancing our skills to ensure the profitability of a company. The current climate in the American economic system maintains a predatory nature capitalizing on their employee's talents, skills, abilities, and willingness to work hard. There is no sin found here. The company should benefit from the advancing skills of the employee but the employee must ensure they are the primary beneficiary of their efforts and the company is the secondary beneficiary. It is once we place the benefits of the company over our own is where the self-betrayal takes place. The company can terminate your relationship with the company but you can never terminate your relationship with you.


We should be spending hours and years developing our inherent abilities. This is the only true method to use your potential. A person must adhere to the process of enhancing their talents and skills. We are our careers. Our job should reflect us. We should not become our job. The job should become us. A career is not a place you go every day to perform a function that does not contribute to your goals and desires. To achieve personal freedom and security each of us must understand we are the company, we are the job, and we are the avenue to live our dreams. Depending on a company ignores your responsibility to yourself, your family, and your dreams.


We must take control if we are to have more freedom, more security, and an increase in happiness and fulfillment. Learn how to design self-achievement using your talents, skills, and knowledge.  Most of us have learned how to make our employer a profit and expand their business. It is time to expand you and your business. Change the way you view your career. You can begin your change with a simple answer. When people ask what is it that you do, we currently respond with “I work for XYZ”. We must develop plans for my financial security and answer, “I work for ME”. People are proud to say the name of the company they work or their profession. To be successful in living your truest self you must accept that you work for yourself no matter who provides the check. You may work for a company but you should realize they are really your customer. This is no different than any other business. Those that pay us money for our services are our customers.


The question which deserves an honest answer is, are you willing to let go of who should you be to be who you are? This is the time to reflect on our importance on this planet, our importance to those around us, and our importance to our purpose.  


You are your business


Action Step: Write down on a sheet of paper "I am my career. I develop skills for my career. My job only enhances my career. My job is not my career". Look at it every day for 30 days.


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