Friends are the glue that holds my life together and takes me to places I could not go alone. Alone my abilities are limited. Friends provide the resources to overcome the obstacles holding me from my dreams. Friends believe in me when the world has lost faith. Friends provide the hand up as the mountain climb becomes too steep. There is nothing I cannot accomplish with the support of my friends. We share a few of our friends with you so that you may experience their gifts and talents. Contact them and become friends.  

Emily Page 

Emily Page is a professional artist and writer. Working out of Raleigh, NC, Page spends most of her time elbow deep in paint, but comes up for air periodically to share her art and thoughts on her blog. She translated her ridiculous musings about her family’s journey through her father’s dementia into a book,                                         Fractured Memories: Because Demented People Need Love, Too, available at, along with her paintings. Follow her on Twitter at @EmilyPageArt23, and read her blog at


Amy is an awarding winning acoustic solo Artist and Jazz vocalist with 20+ years of entertainment experience. Throughout her travel and transformation as a performer, she has earned a reputation as a creative and versatile professional who loves the stage. She has toured both nationally and regionally entertaining crowds big and small. Her discography includes 6 albums. 2 compilation albums, and 1 documentary. "Local Honey" is a must see for anyone interested in music. Amy exposes the talent and love of artists doing it as the calling in contrast to the frills of Nashville or Hollywood. "Local Honey" is a documentary with few rivals. Her much anticipated 7th album, "Fire in the Belly" is set to release in the summer of 2017. Visit to learn more of Amy. We feel in love with Amy when she shared the stage with Leon Russell.          

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Luis Miguel Esparza  

Luis  Miguel Esparza is an entrepreneur with a humble beginning. He displays the work ethic, determination, and vision that serves as an example for any one wishing to own and operate their own business.  A friendly atmosphere, serving the finest food, and visionary management makes El Vallarta's Oklahoma's favorite in authentic Mexican food.

809 North Broadway Street

Cleveland, OK  74020


 1201 John Dahl Avenue 

Pawhuska, OK  74056


Kristi Saul

Kristi founded the Parenting Inner Circle in 2003. Kristi has supported over 15,000 families in creating healing for children who have experienced pre-birth and early life trauma. The Parenting Inner Circle is the first online educational support for adoptive, foster parents, and professionals. Kristi holds a masters degree in Community Counseling from the University of Central Oklahoma and is a co-founder of the Post Institute. Kristi has published numerous articles on topics related to parenting and educating challenged children. Kristi has worked with some of the most challenging situations for over 25 years. Love with scientific understanding. 

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