Achievement by Design 



Personal achievement is becoming a lost virtue in America. We have become a society satisfied with participation trophies and financial status. You betray your gift of potential if you believe that trophies and money are all this world has to offer. We, at Best You, believe that individual greatness has been ignored by our culture. Best You is designed to counter the culture limiting barriers placed upon the individual.  We designed the Achievement by Design process to allow people to live their potential. We believe in you.   

Distractions from our self-worth have become an American reality. America has conditioned its young to accept the job as the ultimate reward for years of education. Too often, people, ask university students what occupation do they have lined up after graduation. People seek information as to a person's occupation but ask less often of their dreams. People ask little of how their education prepared them to achieve life-long dreams. Societal norms have inhibited our young from living their dreams. Our institutions encourage our young to conform to societal demands and give up on themselves. We, at Best You, believe in the worth of the individual as it relates to the individual. Best You believes in the inherent power found within the individual.   

The theory of Authentic Identity finds its roots in epigenetics, the martial arts, empirical research, and living life. Science teaches us that from the ages of 0 to 2 years of age a child's brain operates at .5 - 4HZ called the Delta Wave. From the ages of 2 to 6 years a child's brain operates at 4 - 8 HZ, called the Theta Wave. From the ages of 6 to 12, a child's brain operates at 12 - 35 HZ. The lower frequency brainwave places the child into a more programmable state. Children observe fundamental behaviors and attitudes from the world around them.

What a child hears about themselves, hears about their potential, is taught about the world around them, and everything the child experiences become defined as truth to the child. The subconscious mind does not have free will. It is a computer programmed genetics and the environment. The conscious mind has free will. We do not have to become victims of our former programming. Subconscious programming takes control once the conscious mind is not paying attention. Pay attention to your thoughts. Previous environmental programming can be reprogrammed by the conscious mind. Learned behavior and attitudes acquired from other people may not help you live your true authentic identity. 

We believe that a child's genetic makeup does not fully reflect their destiny. 

There seems to be a societal shift away from personal achievement. Our educational system has become focused on training our young to obtain a job. Jobs provide income so that people can pay their bills. In this effort, they work to build the dream life of those that hire them. I would never stress that we do not need a segment of our society that seeks a job for survival. My argument has been, in our efforts to ensure the masses are able to earn a living, we have created lurking variables inhibiting progression.

We have stymied achievement in our quest to ensure the comfort found in conformity. We seem less concerned with our children achieving their dreams and more concerned about conforming to societal norms. The everyone receiving a participation trophy culture inhibits growth by inhibiting failure. I suggest this effort to protect our children from failure has limited their personal achievement. We don't want our children to fall so we never let them fly. No one never flies unless they're willing to fall. We must teach our children comfort is found in striving for greatness. There is satisfaction in failure. There is tremendous gratification in the perseverance required in living your dreams.

Don't abandon your childhood dreams. Your childhood dreams serve as a witness to who you were born to become. Childhood dreams are the unfiltered version of your potential. You were born with tremendous. Do not contribute to a graveyard full of unused potential. Use all your potential and allow your life to serve as a testament to your abilities.  Achieve your potential and live your life by being you.     

Are you courageous enough to live your life as the best you possible? Are you persistent and willing to follow a plan of action? We have methods and processes proven effective in assisting people in achieving their goals. If you have the courage we have the methods. Personal achievement requires you to challenge your personal beliefs.  You may be unknowingly sabotaging your dreams. To live your potential you must examine your belief system. Challenging your belief system requires tremendous courage. You have a choice to defend and fight for your dreams or defend and fight for an outdated belief system. 

                                Don't allow your dreams to die with you.