Public Speaking 

Happiness can only be found in living life as the truest you. The main ingredient of your happiness is you. Living life as someone's version of you is a recipe for unhappiness. The Authentic Identity theory has captured the attention of people seeking a happier life by living their potential. Fame and fortune will not create true happiness. The key to happiness is living life as authentically as possible.

We expect our children to be individuals. We boast of their uniqueness. We tell the world our kid is special. And then we demand our special unique, gifted child to fit into societal expectations. We demand standardized testing, up-to-date fashion wear, the latest social communication device, and even the most popular school. The pressure of Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, social media influencers, church, school, and so many other pressure have taken our children far away from their truest selves. We have taken them away from the dreams, desires, and away from their true destiny. Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up. I have never heard a child say I want to grow up and be an alcoholic, I want to grow up and become homeless, or I want to be addicted to opioids. I have never heard a child say I want to spend my entire life in prison. And yet this is where we find ourselves. Ask an adult and you will most likely find their dreams gone. "Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75" Benjamin Franklin.      

Achievement is the catalyst for happiness. But true achievement can only found in the accomplishments of a person living authentically. All other achievement is only for the purpose of other causes or people. The goal must develop within the individual and not a set of society's expectations. We too often align with societal wishes and betray our personal goals. Many of us trade our childhood dreams and ambitions, our true goals, for those approved by our family and friends. Our society has established norms of what is an acceptable goal. This essentially inhibits personal achievement. An individual must be led by their true goals to reach their life’s potential. Motivation is not enough, positive thinking is not enough, and academics is not enough to realize your full potential. People are finding themselves working harder and no closer to living their dreams. Many are finding the 40/40/40 formula no longer functionally beneficial. Working 40 hours a week, for 40 years, and retiring at 40 percent of their working income is no longer possible for the average American worker. The rules of 1959 no longer apply in the year 2019. New rules must be established in order to thrive in a modern economy. The focus must shift from institutional development to individual development. The rules must focus on developing the potential of each individual for the purpose of the individual. 

The only path to happiness, contentment, and fulfillment is found in living one’s Authentic Identity. If we do not pursue our personally unique goals, we only fulfill the goals of others. Society is full of people who enforce norms and standards. True achievers listen and follow their individual greatness. Do not allow people, who are not brave enough to follow their dreams, dissuade you from chasing yours. You have one life to live so live it as you. Take the trip of a lifetime.  

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