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At Best You, we believe the foundation of living a better life is a better you. Achievement is the foundation upon which all other theories remain just that, simply theories without this necessary achievement. Achievement is the catalyst for a better life. Achievement builds upon itself. The amount or type of achievement is not as relative as the achievement goal. The goal must develop within the individual and not a set of society's expectations. We too often align with societal wishes and betray our personal goals. Many of us trade our childhood dreams and ambitions, our true goals, for those approved by our family and friends. Our society has established norms of what is an acceptable goal. This essentially inhibits personal achievement. An individual must be led by their true goals to reach their life’s potential. Motivation is not enough, positive thinking is not enough, and academics is not enough to realize your full potential. Personal achievement requires strategic design. This course is for the motivated person. This course provides the strategic design. 

People are finding themselves working harder and no closer to living their dreams. Many are finding the 40/40/40 formula no longer functionally beneficial. Working 40 hours a week, for 40 years, and retiring at 40 percent of their working income is no longer possible for the average American worker. The rules of 1959 no longer apply in the year 2019. New rules must be established in order to thrive in a modern economy. The rules must focus on developing the potential of each individual for the purpose of the individual. The focus must shift from institutional development onto individual development. Institutions must conform to the needs of the individual instead of the individual conforming to the needs of the institution. 

The Achievement by Design online course teaches the individual how to discover the person they were born to become and use more of their inherent potential to live their purpose. The only path to happiness, peace, and fulfillment is found in living one’s true potential, your Authentic Identity. The course begins with assigned orientation classes for the student to identify and connect with their Authentic Identity. Uncovering your Authentic Identity takes place during orientation. Uncovering and connecting with your Authentic Identity is the foundation of living a prosperous and fulfilled life. Goal identification is also established during orientation. If we do not pursue our personally unique goals, we only fulfill the goals of others. 

Orientation is followed by completing the Achievement by Design Roadmap. The majority of people spend more time designing a vacation than designing their life. The Achievement by Design Roadmap provides the benchmarks supporting the student’s success. People have been socialized to live a life conforming to the needs of the institutions. Best You believes a person’s life should be designed for the purpose of living their potential. The gift of unique greatness has been given to each individual. Each person must assume the responsibility for discovering their authentic identity and living a fulfilling life. Enroll and orientation ends January 31, 2019. Students are invited to read previous Best You blogs located on the Best You website. This will acquaint each student with the philosophy and practices of Best You.     

Course basics include:

A) Course syllabus

B) Achievement by Design Roadmap

C) List of required readings:

          “Who moved my cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson          

          “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson

           “The Power of Broke” by Daymond John

           “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill 

           “You are a BADASS” by Jen Sincero

            (Audio versions are acceptable. Students are required to acquire books or audio books at                      their own expense or use the local library.) 

D) Email communication for support and personalized advice 

E) Individualize learning and growth experience 

F) Video links provided at each mile marker for students review 

G) One to One private consultation available 

H) Six months of personalized mentorship 

I) Bi-monthly Best You Blogs emailed to each student

Society is full of people who enforce the norms and standards. True achievers listen and follow their individual greatness. Do not allow people, who are not brave enough to follow their dreams, dissuade you from chasing yours. You had dreams as a child.  Ask a child about their dreams and they will tell you. Ask an adult and you will find the dreams gone. The world is full of people informing you of what cannot be accomplished. You can either believe them or believe in your dreams. Success really means removing all the expectations given by others and getting back to be being true to you. You have one life to live so live it as you. 

Change your world by changing your view. You will learn how to see the world and your circumstances in a way that will forever change your life. Create your personal achievement map.  

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Your life was intended to serve a great purpose. Take the trip of a lifetime.  





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