09/15/17                                                                           Volume 1 Issue 2

                                Best You Guru

The Abandonment of Personal Achievement 

     Personal achievement is becoming a lost virtue in America. We have become a society satisfied with participation trophies.  We are taught conformity by being different like everyone else. Societal stress to conform while maintaining the illusion of difference is rampant in our society. Finding a job is the confirmation of conformity and the encouragement to create distractions from your personal potential. Distractions from our self-worth have become an American reality. America has conditioned its young to accept the job as the ultimate reward for years of education. Too often we ask university students what occupation do they have lined up after graduation. We seek information as to their occupation but ask less often of their dreams. We ask little of how the education prepared them to achieve the life-long dreams. We ask little of how the education they received provided them tools to accomplish childhood dreams. We ask, whether out of habit or concern, what job graduates have waiting. We have inhibited our young from living their dreams. We encourage our young to conform to societal demands and give up their individual dreams.   

     There seems to be a societal shift away from personal achievement. Our educational system has become focused on training our young to obtain a job. Jobs provide income and people can pay their bills. In this effort, they work to build the dream life of those that hire them. I would never stress that we do not need a segment of our society that seeks a job for survival. My argument has been, in our efforts to ensure the masses are able to earn a living, we have created lurking variables inhibiting progression.

     We have stymied achievement in our quest to ensure the comfort found in conformity. We seem less concerned with our children achieving their dreams. We seek first to maintain an environment where everyone receives a participation trophy. I suggest this effort to protect our children from failure has limited their personal achievement. We don't want our children to fall so we never let them fly. Let your children fail. Let yourself fail. Failure is the stepping stone to success. One never flies unless they're willing to fall. We must teach our children comfort is found in striving for greatness. There is satisfaction in failure. Failure encourages us because we are one step closer to success. There is tremendous gratification in the perseverance required in living your dreams.

     Don't abandon your childhood dreams. Your childhood dreams serve as a witness to who you were born to become. You were born to be important. Live your life as though you are important. You were born with tremendous potential. The graveyard is full of unused potential. Use all of your potentials and allow your life to serve as a testament to your ability to achieve.  Achieve your potential and live your life by being you.     

      Childhood dreams are the unfiltered version of your potential.

Action Step:      Write down 3 skills required to live the life you desire.                                                               Read that list every day for 30 days. 

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