10/15/17                                                               Volume 1 Issue 4


Best You Guru

Are you up for the challenges of personal achievement?


How much courage do you really have? Are your courageous enough to live your life as the best you possible? Are you all talk or do you have personal courage? Personal achievement requires you to challenge your personal beliefs.  You should analyze your personal belief system because it may be instinctively limiting your ability to achieve. You may be unknowingly sabotaging your dreams. Nature provides us with a fight or flight protection system that has not evolved at the same pace as our societal needs and desires. Personal safety response is a natural reflex.

Our inherent belief system is naturally programmed to believe we are safe if we are presently comfortable and perceived as safe. 10,000 years ago, this was most likely a safe assumption. Today this does not hold true. The threats today are not the same as there were 10,000 years ago. If you want to live to your potential toady you must examine your belief system.

Our safety reflex perceives information and acts accordingly. While this may protect us, it will often limit us. The adaptation of an outdated belief system has killed many dreams and filled graveyards with unused potential. Living 10,000 years ago required a different belief system. Our lives were much different and our goals were much different. 10,000 years ago, there was not much need in for a more challenging career, financial security, or the majority of the goals found in contemporary life. The natural self-protective mechanisms meant to protect us now instinctively limit us. Biological instincts have not kept up with societal demands. We must analyze our belief system to ensure it is current with societal demands and our personal goals. 

Challenging your belief system requires tremendous courage. This requires courage. A courage requiring you to open your mind and belief systems to the potential of your personal achievement. We are quick to limit but slow to open our minds to personal greatness. Every conscious decision you make is based upon your belief system. Analyzing your belief system begins with asking yourself why you believe what you believe. This requires a courageous and open mind. Determine if the belief is relevant and important to your achievement. Keep the belief if you find it important to your achievement goals. Eliminate or change this belief. Your belief system must be modified to emulate your goals. A belief not relevant to your goals only hinders or prevents you living to your potential. Understanding your belief system and willingness to change is critical to your personal achievement.      

You have a choice to defend and fight for your dreams or defend and fight for an outdated belief system. 

Action Step:    Each day for the next 30 days write down a belief you are willing to challenge. At the end of the 30 days look back and determine which values help you achieve your goals. Remove those that do not help because they hinder. There is no neutral in life. You are either moving closer to your goals or further away.   

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