Best You Principles                                      

The principles providing the foundation for Best You are based on the Authentic Identity Theory. The theory puts forth the philosophy that each individual is born with unique gifts of greatness. Each gift is to be used to produce a happy, productive, and fruitful life for the individual; assist one in discovering their truth; and form better societies in an effort to advance humankind in a more positive world. The unique gifts of greatness found within the individual are intended to fit together to form productive societies. 

Three primary principles form the foundation of the Authentic Identity Theory. The first principle is the conviction that people are gifted with unique greatness. This is the guiding principle of the Authentic Identity Theory. Each individual has the potential to live a positive, productive, and happy life. This potential can only be realized by living authentically. The second principle recognizes the demands and expectations placed upon the individual by the institutions of society. These demands destroy the gift of greatness found in the authentic identity. Societal institutions socialize, standardize, and sterilize the individual to fit institutional desires. Individual greatness is diminished and humankind suffers when the authentic identity is ignored. The third primary principle is an achievement.  Achievement is the most effective method to overcome the hurdles of society and release the inherent greatness within the individual. We believe purposeful achievement designed to emphasize the gifts, talents and true desires of the individual is the only path of sustained individual peace and happiness. 

Achievement should be designed by the individual based on their authentic identity. Best You developed the Achievement by Design Roadmap. Following the Achievement by Design Roadmap has brought success in business, sports, and in the personal lives of its users. Once a person discovers their authentic identity, the process to solidify their truest self is through achievement. Achievement is the only reinforcement mechanism that overcomes expectations of society. Achievement is the ignitor of the soul and illuminates the unique greatness of the individual. Achievement, aligned with the authentic identity, is the only path for the true happiness that satisfies the soul. Authentic achievement releases the true potential found within the individual. The Achievement by Design Roadmap is designed to bring the success deserving the unique greatness within each individual.

We are fighting for the potential of each individual. We assist people in becoming the person they were born to be. The mission of Best You is to help people live a more satisfying, peaceful, and productive life by living their authentic identity and exercising their inherent gifts of greatness.        


A little about us…


I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and have made my home all over the country. We currently live in Loveland, Colorado. With an undergraduate degree from The University of Memphis, a graduate degree from The University of Oklahoma, and a Certificate of Electrical Apprenticeship under my belt, I have enjoyed several different business ventures. From owning Sunrise Electric, Inc., Vice President of Jack R. Mendenhall Corporation, Senior Electrical Estimator at MC2, General Manager at The Home Depot to Best You, llc., my education and life experiences have provided much satisfaction and growth. It has also provided me with opportunities to be published in Engineering News-Record and to release my book in 2009, “America the Brainwashed: Hook, Line, and Sinking”. 

“Leave more than I take” is my life’s mantra. It has been the times I paid it forward whether it was through the Jaycees, Toastmasters, the Martial Arts, candidacy for public office, community activism, coaching little league sports or hosting a radio podcast when I’ve truly felt the most fulfilled. All of the combined events, places, experiences and most importantly, people that have been engineered into my life have prepared me to give back in the most effective way I have ever been able. Best You LLC. provides me the opportunity to share the lessons learned from the theory of Authentic Identity.  



I called my home Jacksonville, Florida for the first half century of my life. After receiving my Associate's degree from Florida Junior College at Jacksonville, I pursued clerical jobs until 1987, when I started a family. I stayed home as a full-time mom until I began a career in retail that began at JCPenney, and ended at The Home Depot. 

It was then that I believe I found my true calling, a surgical technologist. Upon graduation from Sanford Brown Institute and becoming a Certified Surgical Technologist, I have spent most of my time in Labor & Delivery. I like to say that I have the best job in the world because I feel so privileged to be a part of the families’ most life-changing events. And fortunately, this skill travels well.

This became clear when Marleigh ventured out to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend CSU in 2013, it did not take us long to follow. We purchased a home in Loveland, Colorado in 2016 and it has been a positive change. It lies midway between the Fort Collins that we love and the BirthPlace at Longmont United Hospital. Staying close through social media and frequent trips home to visit with my son, Jordan and other members of my family helps when the occasional “homesick” feelings arise.

Colorado also provides me with perfect places and opportunities to do those things that feed my soul. Whether it be a yoga class at Loveland Community Yoga, hiking, horseback riding, or volunteering with F.R.E.E. (Front Range Exceptional Equestrians) there is never a lack of chance to make the moment count. 

As Harry and I begin this new venture, Best You, LLC, I look forward to working alongside him as assists so many to improve their lives. It’s really what he’s done as long as I’ve known him. Hopefully, with Best You, LLC and the technology, today affords, he will be able to reach many more.