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                                                      WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO

We want to thank all of you who have supported our efforts. Your support makes all of what we do possible. We assist people in living their potential. 

Time to Reflect:

We are approaching the end of another year and we remind you that it is a time to reflect. It is a great time to be thankful and to show gratitude for all the gifts given to us. All the gifts of opportunities, time with others, and a plethora of other gifts that too often go unrecognized. It is time to display empathy and compassion. It is a great time to learn and begin anew.  

My Purpose:

I have spent a lifetime pursuing the mission of assisting people in achieving their goals. The majority of the time I present avenues by which people didn’t realize the change until the positive impact has been felt. I learned decades ago that the most positive and challenging changes take place when people are unaware of the efforts of change until the positive impact has been felt. People will accept positive growth if they are fundamentally unaware and view it as natural. Additionally, it helps if they view it as of their own making. People are uncomfortable with change and often resist even when they understand it is for the best. I ask you to resist the urge to avoid positive growth by viewing the growth as normal and not one of change. The unconscious mind resists change because it sees it as a threat. The conscience mind must take agency of your desires. The ability to take agency in your life is essential for you to feel in control of your life. Your ability to take action, to be effective, and assume responsibility is critical to living your potential. This sense of agency provides stability in accepting change and influences your thought in adaptation to growth. Your sense of agency provides the resilience to live your potential.    

Change is difficult:

Doubts, fears, and other people’s rules are no match for a heart on a mission. Living their authentic identity should be the mission of every person. That may require many changes. Why do we attack new ideas? The reasons are that we prefer comfort, fear change, and our egos blind our betterment. We ask that you let go of your ego, analyze the truthful data, and do not allow emotional misinformation to limit your growth. Embrace fear as a growth opportunity. Remember the words of George Will, “Instincts founded in nature are developed in the family, strengthened by daily habits – particularly in work – and reinforced by fears of punishment and social ostracism”. You were born with the instincts of greatness. You can correct any previous misinformation. The past is not going to change anytime soon but the future is yet to be written. Be the author of your story. Determine your legacy. How you will be remembered is based on the lives you impact.

Belief in 2021:

As you enter the year 2021, we ask that listen to those the lift you up and assist you in living your greatness. Avoid the poisonous words and advice of those that refuse your authentic identity. Enter the year 2021 with the goal of the authentic you. We believe in you. We ask you to believe in you.

Action step: 

1) Write a one sentence statement of gratitude for 2020

2) Write a one sentence statement of hopes for 2021

3) Write a one sentence statement of your legacy for 2020

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