12/15/19                                                                                              Volume 3 Issue 56

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Was 2019 worth your time? Were you involved in endeavors worth your time? 


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, developed the hierarchy of needs motivational theory comprising a five-tier model of human needs. I have listed the needs beginning with the most basic:

1) Physiological – the most basic of our needs is survival. Air, food, water, shelter, sex, sleep, and warmth. If these needs are not achieved the body will not function and advancement to the next level may never be reached.  

2) Safety – People need to feel safe from harm. Human needs include law, security, order, freedom, stability, and free from fear. 

3) Love and belongingness – people require love and a sense of belonging to something or some group.   

4) Esteem – Maslow defined esteem into two categories, esteem of oneself and the respect from others. What we believe of ourselves and what others believe about us is critical to our development. 

5) Self-Actualization – the ability to realize your potential. Self-Actualization is the desire of the individual to live their greatness.  


Positively spend time to scale Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Your life matters and you are worth the endeavors of living your greatness.    


Spending time 

To live your unique greatness requires self-development. Developing yourself requires an investment of time. Investment of your time is critical to your development. Think about what activities occupy your time. Have you ever just stopped and analyzed how you spent your day? Nokia found people check their phones on average 150 times per day. People are checking their phones every 6 ½ minutes. Americans spend 6 minutes per day laughing, 50 hours a year stopped at a red light, 27 days of their life waiting on transportation, 7 years lying awake, 5 months complaining, 11 years watching TV and 4.4 years eating. The average American sends 100 texts per day. The average human lives 25,915 days. How are you using your 25,915 days?    



The two most valuable elements of successful living, according to Ray Dailo, are meaningful work and meaningful relationships. The most meaningful relationship, often the most undervalued, is the one with yourself. What you think, what you believe, how you act, how you interact, and what you feel impacts the world. Look at yourself and your impact on the world. We take selfies but rarely do we truly see ourselves. We communicate with others but do we communicate with ourselves. Our inner conversations are the most important. We entertain ourselves but do we educate ourselves. We spend so little on discovering ourselves and developing the potential within us. The people around us, reflect us. I ask you to spend more time appreciating how someone helped you and less time angry at someone who hurt you.  



Action step: With every endeavor ask yourself one question: Is what I’m about to do worthy of the last day of my life? 



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