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Within Our Reach but Out of Our Grasp

What the world needs now is the inherent greatness within you. Yes, you. There are times in history that require more of us than just going along to get along. We live in one of those times. Believe it or not, the world is much bigger than your current sphere of influence. You could and should increase your impact. This is not the era to accept the status quo and doing what you are told. Our world needs you, the authentic you. We have had enough of the socialized, sterilized, and standardized version of you. We need the authentic you.  

Have you recognized your greatness or has the glitter of gold distracted you and left you unfulfilled? The pursuit of fame, fortune, gold, houses, cars, the latest and greatest will steal your happiness. Happiness is all around but in the eyes of the many is nowhere to be found. The potential of millions of people has been stolen from their eyes. Don’t accept the propaganda that happiness is found in fame and fortune. Fame and fortune will bring you fame and fortune. The pursuit of fame and fortune brings a hollowness of the heart. The pursuit of living the authentic you will bring worthy rewards. Happiness is found in living the authentic you. Only a life as the authentic you will fill the heart and soul.      

You are an expert. Everyone is an expert on something. The expert of being you is what the world needs. The world needs what is within your reach. The expert within you is required for the world to become a better place and for you to live a more fruitful life. You have greatness within you that we need. You control your greatness. Focus on what you can control and trust yourself. You can control, enhance, and bring out the greatness within you. Our greatness is within our reach but too often not within our grasp. It is difficult for many to grasp the thought of personal greatness so they deny it. They assume they are being humble but this is not humility. Humility is using your greatness to achieve great things and instead of bragging of your great deeds, you merely acknowledge you were using what was given to you. Humility is not found in the denial of your greatness. It is doing great things because that is your purpose. Be humble in your accomplishments. Being humble is accepting your greatness, living beyond what you have been socialized to accept, and to accept that you have a truly great opportunity before you is a display of humility. Greatness and humility coexist. Arrogance betrays greatness. Grasping greatness requires recognizing and acting on the gifts given to you.   

Each of us has a gift or gifts that are all part of the amazing puzzle of life. We need the pieces to complete the picture and if you fail to live as the authentic you the puzzle is never complete. The beauty of the puzzle is never viewed by the world and lives are incomplete without you. It is a struggle but a worthy one. To develop your gifts requires serious study. A study of you. Serious study alone is the strongest predictor of skill development. You must become the study of you if you want to develop you and live a happier life. When you are alone you can engage in a mental exercise which is the key to exceptional achievement. Deliberate practice of the mental exercise of focusing on the authentic you will require intense concentration. Being surrounded by people can distract you. Surrounding yourself with things will distract you. Clogging your mental energy with unworthy thoughts will debilitate you. Deliberate practice, of focus, requires a deeper level of motivation that is self-generated. It involves working on a task most challenging for you. Temperament and personality are building blocks for the discipline required of the worthy task of harnessing the authentic you.  

Develop a calm and confident temperament of achievement requiring the authentic you. Your temperament is the foundation of achievement. Temperament is a biological-based behavioral and emotional pattern. It is genetic and observable in early childhood. Our genetic expression will change as social influences impact it. It is part of our inherent greatness to build upon or dilute. 

Develop a persistent personality that produces the persona of a mountain climber, obstacle hurdler, and miracle worker. Personality is the building block of achievement. Personality is a complex mixture of cultural influences and personal experiences. The personality is more of our control and the product of our creation. Develop a persona of have people asking, “How did he/she accomplish that amazing feat? 

I ask you to achieve greatness by using the gifts within you. Why would you think you could not live your greatness? After taking the game-winning shot and scoring the winning goal in the seventh game of the National Basketball Association championship game, Michael Jordan was asked if he thought, before taking the game-winning shot, about losing the game if he missed the shot. Michael Jordan’s response was “Why Would I think of missing a shot I haven’t taken?” Too many people think of failing before even taking a shot at greatness. Challenge yourself to greatness. Define it and grasp it. It is within your reach. 

Action step: 

Find a mentally arduous task. Learn to develop a persistent personality that develops your temperament to be an asset in achieving your greatness. Some suggestions:    

1) It may be sitting quietly and listening to the silence of stillness. 

2) It may require being alone and writing down how you will be remembered.

3) It may be debating both sides of an emotional issue

4) It may be doing mathematical problems without writing them down

5) It may be doing a jigsaw puzzle in one sitting

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