12/01/19                                                                                                               Volume 3 Issue 55


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Planned Obsolescence

People and Business  

From the moment of your birth, there was a plan of obsolescence for your authentic identity. Planned obsolescence transcends the personal realm and enters the realm of financial gain for businesses. The success of identity capture has proven successful for institutions of society and gained the attention of business leaders. 

Phoebus cartel

The Phoebus Cartel is credited with beginning the process of planned obsolescence as a business practice. General Motors used planned obsolescence to rival Henry Ford and the Model T. Alfred P. Sloan became the master innovator of planned obsolescence. He understood the psychology of consumer manipulation and mastered the ability to manipulated customer purchases. His ability to manipulate and control customer purchases ushered in a new phase of consumerism. Apple has become the modern-day master manipulator. Psychological manipulation of the customer has made planned obsolescence commonplace. 

Authentic Identity

Your authentic identity is a more serious and damaging aspect of planned obsolescence. Acculturation and assimilation have been recognized for centuries but what we have not given enough attention is the planned obsolescence of the individual identity. Our authentic identity is planned to be obsolete and replaced with an identity more fitting and comfortable to the institutions of society without the vigilance of maintaining and improving the self. The authentic identity is the foundation upon which to build a life that fulfills the potential of the individual. A person will never receive inner peace and happiness unless living their potential and using their gifts of greatness. It is not enough to follow the customs of society. 

We are expected to replace our inherent greatness with the approved attributes of society. The institutions of society established the customs, ethics, and mores for its citizens. Many of these are necessary for the survival and advancement of society. The mistaken premise is they all are necessary. Many customs and expectations destroy the authentic identity of the individual. This destruction exasperates society’s rightful progress. Genetic expression is hijacked by institutions to serve their purposes instead of fulfilling the potential of the individual. Governmental agencies, religious organizations, academic institutions, sports teams, and all the other institutional structures have their agenda and put forth propaganda to enlist help in sustaining their stated purpose. The individual is expected to exchange their inherent greatness for the greatness of the organization. A child is expected to repress their identity and adopt the identity given to them. 

Tipping point

The world is at a point where the harmful effects of planned obsolescence demean your inherent greatness. Society has a plan for your greatness to become obsolete and replaced with greatness fitting a different agenda. Every individual is programmed by society to conform and consume societal values. Becoming a consumer of products and philosophies is paramount for societal institutions. This effort is in stark contrast to your genetic code. Life is a constant battle between your inherent programming and social programming. The world needs more people releasing their inherent potential and sharing their greatness.    

Light Bulb

There is a light bulb that has remained burning brightly since 1901. For well over a century a light bulb has burned brightly. The strength and longevity of this type of light bulb don't fit the business model. As a result, light bulbs were redesigned to fit a plan of obsolescence. Products are made to be consumed and not last 100 years. Today we purchase light bulbs that may last a couple of thousand hours, but we could have lightbulbs last our lifetime. Just like a light bulb, your authentic identity is sought after to be corrupted with planned obsolesce to fit the needs of societal institutions. Just like the light bulb, we fight a battle against conformity that harms the brightest of our lights. It is possible to live your authentic identity for your entire life and advance the cause of humankind. 

Action Step:

Write down 5 characteristics of you as a child. Have they persisted?

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