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                                  Who are you?

Who are you and who am I are two questions that are difficult to answer. I had lunch with a very wise man who challenged me to address these two questions. Although they are two different questions, the answer was provided at birth to each individual. Each individual knew their authentic identity at some point in life. Identity may be opaque or at varying stages of clarity. Who we are is constantly growing and adapting to the world around it. It is natural for our authentic identity to strive for full potential. It is a caustic effect of a society that stymies human potential. Nonetheless, our authentic identity continues.

Answers can become more fully developed and revealed with time. It can be seen as the person’s calling in life. Or it becomes dormant and covered up by expectations of the individual. The authentic identity can be revealed or hidden, it can be utilized or wasted, it can bear the fruit of miracles or become another graveyard filler. The authentic identity is inherent within each of us. People cry out in anguish amidst the dilemma of trying to find themselves. It is deep within each of us. It may require the removal of layers of expectations but it is there. 

The question thus presents itself as to why people lose connection. Why do layers upon layers cover the authentic identity? Why do people never realize their true potential? Social institutions are failing us. What worked in the previous generation does not fulfill the needs of current and future generations. Simply said, people lose faith. People lose faith in the institutions and in themselves. The socialization process has failed to enhance the individual human experience. Social institutions serve a purpose but they have begun to serve the intuitions more than the populace.

Social institutions are no longer the major factor in advancing the causes humanity. Technology has empowered the populace in such a manner many social institutions face a diminishing influence and many social institutions face extinction. Social institutions are in survival mode and have become the primary beneficiary of the efforts. The millennials are the first generation to feel the impact of this societal shift.    

Millennials are not lazy. They will work hard for a purpose. They are driven for a purpose. They believe in themselves. They believe more in themselves than the social institutions. The witnessed the great recession where years of savings were wiped away. They experienced a time where Americans are experiencing a reduced live span. They are the first generation to experience a lifestyle less than their parents. They are well aware of economic inequality and stagnate wages. They are well aware money has become the idol of leadership. For them, to thrive and survive, the rules must change.

As a society, we must adapt to the changing times in our efforts to advance humankind. The key is now found with individual potential and not social institutions. Social institutions remain necessary but the importance of societal advancement is found within each individual. It is time to advance the human experience. People deserve peace and happiness. This is something institutions cannot provide. 

A person will never find the real authentic happiness unless they connect with who they are. A person will never find the true happiness living life unless they connect with their authentic identity. Some people never lose the sense of self.  For those seeking themselves, the question presents itself as to how does a person find themselves. Who am I is a question I have spent my life answering. I understood at a very early age who I was. I always knew what I wanted to do. I just did not always understand how to do it. I have learned that it is not what you do. What is important to your soul is how you do it. Everything you do, regardless of the value society place on it, should be done as the authentic you. 

At this point in history, it has become critical for humankind to comprehend that the development of the individual is crucial.

We must recognize the individual is the foundation of social institutions. Social institutions are not the foundation of the human experience. Social institutions should depend upon people and not people depending on the institutions. The first step is to discover and use the inherent talents presented by the authentic identity. Identify you of your youth. What were your first recollections of your aspirations and goals? What were your first areas of interest? Who were you, what did you like, what held your interest when you were five? Your authentic interests have not changed. People either develop them or betray them.

The interests of your authentic identity never change. The socialization of society may hide them. It is incumbent upon you to be the authentic you. You must uncover the layers of who others believed you to be and fight for the authentic you. Do not allow your authentic identity to become a casualty of the socialization process to define your place in society. It may not be your fault but it is your responsibility to uncover your authentic identity and live the greatness found within.    


Action step:   Locate memorabilia from your birth to the age of 12. Use your memory to recollect those years. Ask friends and relatives of your hobbies and interests during those years. What were your likes and dislikes? Identify your interests. Pursue those interests. Any effort outside those interests will be less than satisfying.


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