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The greatness of America is not what we have done but in what we can become. 

The greatness of you is not what you have done but in what you can become.

A good friend suggested I read “The Legend of Bagger Vance”. I have seen the movie but the book was more significant and enlightening. I want to share my takeaways as they relate to our mission. We are not golf enthusiasts however the topic of this book is not limited to golf. It provides life lessons. The story is about a golfer and his caddy. The golfer can achieve greatest and his caddy is his guide to his inherent greatness. Here is what I want to share with you:


To reach the Authentic Swing, a player must pass through three distinct stages:        

1) Unconsciousness or preconsciousness – It does not last. It must be nature’s law to pass on to the next stage.

2) Self-Awareness – we realize we possess an authentic swing but if we can’t repeat it the frustration mounts.

3) The Self – elusive as enlightenment


The multitude of people watching the golf game – The whole endeavor is a freak show. 

The multitude will distract you.

There are three paths to the Authentic Swing:

          1) Discipline

      2) Wisdom

 3) Love

All three paths embody one unifying principle – surrender. 

Surrender of the personal ego to the greater wisdom of the Self.

The Authentic Swing is never learned – It is remembered

The Authentic Swing is your greatness. Your greatness is never learned – it is remembered. 

The mission of Best You is to help you remember.

I am grateful to Bob for gifting me this book of knowledge. 

It affirms the principles that have guided my life and the foundation of Best You.   

Action step: 

Take some moments and look at some old pictures of you between the ages of 1 and 12. Hold some old memorabilia. Muster of some memories of those years. Then ask yourself have you become the person this person wanted to become?  

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