11/15/19 Volume 3 Issue 54                                                                                                      Best You Guru™

                                                                    One thing at a time



The pressure to accomplish more has become the status quo in modern society. To do more with less in a reduced timeframe has become a benchmark of success. The need to achieve is inherent and natural. To ignore this instinct is a crime against ourselves. We were given seeds of greatness and we have to use our potential. It is right and good to achieve. Humankind benefits and advances from positive achievements.  


Misinformation runs rampant in a society that runs blindly to achieve. People have turned to multitasking to accomplish more in less time. Multitasking for efficiency is a lie. Multitasking has its place and is appropriate in many situations. Walking and chewing gum is a positive. Many people can pat the top of their head and rub their belly at the same time. So multitasking is not necessarily a negative. The important tasks in life require a singular focus. The really critical and truly important missions in life require a focus not found in multitasking. We will highlight the most critical task in life to prove this point.       


The need to breathe

Breathe in and keep the air in as long as you can. Fresh oxygen inevitability turns into suffocation carbon dioxide forcing you to exhale. At first the release wonderful but a few moments later, you crave fresh oxygen again. You can’t choose between inhaling and exhaling; you have to do both. Your body cannot inhale and exhale at the same time but both are required to live. The autonomic nervous system understands the critical importance of maintaining the singular focus on inhaling and then exhaling. 


There are times in our lives where we have several tasks of equal importance. It is time to access the methods of accomplishment if the tasks are really important. Important tasks require a singular focus. If it is important it may require you to be present in the moment with a focus deserving of the importance of task. Breathing requires a singular focus in the moment. Attempting to multitask items of importance may be counterproductive or even harmful. Inhaling and exhaling at the same moment is not productive. 


Fooling yourself

We too often busy with productive. Multitasking allows people to become busy and feel good about their efforts but are their efforts efficiently productive. There are times where we need to slow down to go fast. Athletes understand that slowing down the mind to see things more clearly allows the mission to be accomplished more effectively. Multitasking allows us to feel busy but never confuse busy with achievement. Success requires the effective accomplishment of goals in a timeframe that fits the situation.   


As it is often said, keep the main thing the main thing. Avoid confusing busy with productive. Going fast does not always mean going forward. Understand the ramifications of your actions. 



Action Step:

When in a one to one conversation listen to what is said. Don’t listen to respond. Don’t listen to agree. Don’t listen to disagree. Focus on what is being said. Hear the words and watch the body language. Pay attention to the facial expressions. Look into the eyes of the person speaking to you. Be in the moment and listen. Slow down and practice silence.

Take a deep breath before you speak. 

Recall what was said. 

This will give you the space to stop and notice what was about to come out of your mouth. 


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