11/15/18                                                                              Volume 2 Issue 30

                                     Best You Guru™

                               What is your story?

Have the things that surround you become your life? Do the things around you define you? Think about this, at the very moment you breathe your last breath, at the very nanosecond your body ceases functioning, at the very instance your life ends, everything you own belongs to someone else. All that you worked, sweated, and worried to possess is now the property of someone else. I have yet to see a U-Haul attached to a hearse. Is your story more about you or your things?

What is your story? We all have a story. Each of us lives a story. The world views our story. You write much of the script and are the director of the entire script. You are the director of your life. You are responsible for your story. What will be said of your life when you passing? Does it matter to you? Does it matter to you what story will be told of your life? If what is said about your life doesn’t matter to you, that is the story that will be told. The headline will read, Your Life Didn’t Matter.

Make your story one that people love to tell. Allow your life to be of service to others. No one is remembered for what they kept. People are remembered for what they gave. Give of yourself. Write a story worth remembering. We may not have control over the things happening to us but each of us has the power of our response. Each of us has the power of what is in our hearts. Your life will tell a story reflective of your heart so be the director. Live a story reflected of your heart.  

A line in a song says it all, “Judge their wealth by coins that they give away, And not the ones they keep themselves for spending”.   

Action step: Ask several friends what they think people will say at your memorial service. Ask them to be honest. Is this the story you want told?      

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