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It may be time for a revolution because people have been conned, coaxed, the mark in a confidence game, brainwashed, bamboozled, and flimflammed are just a few terms that could be used to define what has taken place. People around the world have lost their authentic identity and live a watered-down version of themselves. People throughout history have given into the pressure of conformity. The desire for acceptance is robust and people often find conformity to be the only path. This conformity may cause an individual to forgo their individual greatness. A loss of self and the intrinsic potential is often the price of acceptance. The price demanded of conformity has cost humankind indescribable progress. Conformity should not be the price of a positive and fruitful society.  

It Is Time

It is time for a revolution. I am not speaking of a political or social revolution. I am speaking of a personal revolution that removes the confines of social conformity. I am speaking of overthrowing the untruths that have been planted in your self-image. I am speaking of the limiting untruths that have kept you from living your inherent greatness. It is time to revolt against the untruths that you hold about you. It is time to rise up and fight for a more perfect self. You have greatness within you and it awaits you to love it.   

Human Sacrifice

Don’t be a human sacrifice. Live like you have a choice. Learn how to fight for your right to be you. You have the skills to reclaim your greatness. Use what you have to live as the authentic you. Stop being afraid of who you are and the greatness within you. 

Action step: 

Step 1) Create a list of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.

Step 2) Define, be specific, how each one improved your life.

Step 3) Define, be specific, how each one helps you become a better person.

Step 4) Outline how each one helped you accomplish one goal in life.

Step 5) Determine whether these people make you feel better or make you a better person. 

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Miguel Esparza and his family immigrated to the United States hoping to establish a better life and live the American Dream. They have been very successful and serve as examples of what can be accomplished. I have known Miguel for over 20 years. He has worked hard and established some of the finest Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma. I ask that you visit El Vallarta’s Mexican Restaurant. Enjoy great Mexican food. 



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