09/01/17                                                                          Volume 1 Issue 1

 Best You Guru


    This is the inaugural "Best You Guru" blog. Our mission is to assist you in achieving your dreams. The world is full of motivational speakers. Universities are full of courses offering psychological theories and explanations. Social media has many people with words of advice. All this is of great value. What we found lacking in our culture is a simple effective method for achievement.


    It is not enough to be motivated. Many motivated people never achieve their goals. It is not enough to know what you desire. Many people never live their desires. It is not enough to think positive and reinforce the day with affirmations. These are great tools to use but alone they are not enough. It is not enough to have potential. Graveyards are full of unused potential. It is not enough to have a vision. The world is full of people with sight living a blind life. All of this qualities are great assets.


    Our mission is to help you achieve. We are not the cheering crowd or the loud scream in your ear. We offer a pragmatism lacking in today's culture. We can show you how to achieve your dreams. We believe that the seeds of achievement are within each of us. We construct roadmaps of personal achievement for those having a true desire, a real thirst, and a real hunger for achievement.


    We provide achievement road maps for those eager to journey through their life as though they were built to achieve. How much easier would achievement become if there were achievement roadmaps? Best You helps you create the achievement roadmap for your life. We use maps for vacations. The majority of people plan more for their vacation from life than they do for a life of achievements. Every mall has a directory outlining all the shops you wish to shop and exactly where you are at while viewing the map.  An achievement filled life is so much easier when there is a map as simple as the mall directory. Our life journey is similar to being in the mall looking at the mall directory. Life is a mall. The directory will show you all the places you can go and shop. It shows you all the stores. Much like life. Life is full of riches and rewards. The directory will show you the location of each and every store. In life, you need to know where you are located. You need to know where you begin to understand how to get where you want to go. You need to really know where you are in life.


One overlooked challenge to our way of life is artificial intelligence (AI). Our world is exponentially changing and the majority of people fail to comprehend the changes that are coming. AI is upon us. The vast majority of Americans are in a similar position juxtaposed the buggy whip salesman prior to the Industrial Revolution. We must change our mindset or we go the way of the buggy whip salesman. We see it in every segment of our society. People holding onto the methods of the past with a false hope they will serve them in the future. Holding on to an outdated methodology provides a sense of security. It is a false sense but it is all many people know. Best You is a tool in the fight for the survival of individual achievement. A current high profile example is coal mining. In our current economy coal miners appear unable to shift their mindset to a new occupation within the fields of energy production. There are currently 6.3 million jobs available in our country. Many of those jobs are found within the field of alternative energy. Provided the opportunity to prepare for the future of energy they held onto a belief that coal is their best chance for economic survival. A presidential candidate, providing a financial pathway to learn alternative energy technologies, failed to gain the support of the coal miners. The coal miners supported a presidential candidate that promised an outdated and failing industry as their future. They placed their hope of future security in a diminishing industry. The past is what they know and understand. Personal achievement is unfamiliar to most Americans. We are taught how to achieve in sports, job skills, or hobbies. We are not enlightened to the greatness within each of us. We must embrace personal achievement or like the coal industry, we become outdated. AI is just one area where the individual is under siege and each of us is responsible for our personal achievements.        


    Best You Guru is not a motivational tool designed to inspire. The inspiration should be within you before you begin this journey. If you find your life is falling short of what you believe you should achieve, we are here. If you have listened to hours of motivational talks and continue to fall short of the goals you set, we are here.  We welcome you to Best You Guru.


Rise above the noise and listen to the voice of your soul


Action Step: Take 60 seconds each day for the next 30 days, find a         quiet place, and listen to what your soul is speaking to you. It speaks to you loudly once you are committed to you and your goals.   


Next Achievement by Design Workshop will be held September 21 2017, in Tulsa, OK. Visit www.BestYouGuru.com for more information.



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