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Be honest and Listen 

The path for successful living requiring coaching of some fashion. We all need guidance at times. Each of us needs to reconnect with something other than ourselves. One sign you need may need some coaching on how to reconnect is found in what you speak about. Listen to your speech. Do you speak more of you? Are you the subject of the majority of your sentences? Do you most often speak of others? Are other people the most frequent subject matter of your conversations? Or do you most often speak of ideas? Do ideas dominate your conversations? If anything, other that ideas dominate your conversation it may be time to seek some coaching.  


It is a sign of strength to reach out for assistance in becoming better at something, live more fruitfully, or solving a problem. Listening to and following the advice of the right coach allows an individual to more fully use their inherent potential and to live more fruitfully. Each of us interprets information differently. Finding the precise coach using the correct methodology can change lives. Every fighter has a corner person to help during the fight, every golfer has a caddy, every Super Bowl winner had a great coach, every World Series winner has a coach, every successful corporation has a CEO with a Board of Directors, and the list goes on. 

Horse Sense

Robin and I had the pleasure of experiencing a unique and enlightening coaching session. We were introduced to equine-facilitated coaching. It was a powerful learning experience standing with a herd of horses in an open field. Fresh air, the warmth of the sun, the reassurance of the earth beneath our feet, and the comfort of the gently powerful horses brought a sense of humility. This experience brings forth the wisdom that we are all part of something greater than us. Humankind has struggled to explain something greater. A few people claim to be vessels of superior knowledge. Humankind believes there is something more and seeks to understand. People have used words to provide interpretations of something greater. Words fail to comprehend the enormity. Horses need no words. They seem to understand the natural order of our universe. Horses accept. The energy provided by the horses is truly a humbling experience. Horses are powerful and gentle. We could learn much from horses. Johi, the owner of Sage Herd, provided words of wisdom as great coaches often do. She educated us to herd etiquette. Equine facilitated coaching is much needed in this world of ours. Her coaching method and style are something we need as members of the human race. There is much to be learned from a horse. We all could use some horse sense.


If a person would just listen, there is much to learn. We know so much but we understand so little. We are the most educated people in history. We learn of science, math, literature, and numerous other matters. But the knowledge of ourselves is slipping into the abyss. We have not been educated in listening to ourselves and our place in the natural world. Education has hindered the individual form partaking in their inherent greatness. Too often we are educated in humankind’s interpretation of the world. We need coaches to teach us of our greatness. Educational institutions have been developed to advance and secure the institutions. It matters little the name we choose to use to classify methods of educating ourselves of our inherent greatness and its need in the world. Coaching, mentoring, and personal development specialists are just a few of the names used to classify this much needed educational model. Nature is more than soil and mountains. People are part of nature. Nature includes everything. Our current educational models teach many things but have ignored the greatness of the inherent human potential. Coaches have filled the educational gap. Find a great coach and listen. 

The only path to happiness is the fulfillment of purpose. Coaches are a superior method of finding the happiness that each individual seeks. It is natural to be happy. It is natural to live your purpose. It is a crime against nature to ignore your potential. We seek happiness and too often people pursue a path in life taking them away from what they seek. Pursue the path highlighting your potential and purpose.   

Action step: Find some time to be alone in nature. Listen to the world around you. What are of your life could use a coach? Find a coach or mentor that can help you live your potential.

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