10/15/18                                                                        Volume 2 Issue 28

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                                A,G,C,and T

 How important are the letters A, G, C, and T? A, G, C, and T are the letters that represent your genetic make-up. They are your genome sequence. A genome sequence is the complete list of nucleotides that make up all the chromosome of an individual or a species. With a species, the vast majority of nucleotides are identical between individuals. DNA is the blueprint to make all living things. The genome can tell us a lot about ourselves, about our ancestry our traits, and our disease acceptability. Research genetics has taught us much and is providing insight into ourselves.   

Science now provides a method to edit our genome. Genetic engineering allows DNA to be deleted, modified, or replaced in living organisms. The genome editing tool that is leading this technology is CRISPR-Cas9. The primary purpose for our discussing this advancement in genetic research is this research has brought a new understanding of what makes us who we are and what we can accomplish. Epigenetic research provides sustenance to our hypothesis that we are all born with tremendous potential that has been normalized to fit societal standards. Understanding our genome is key to understanding your potential in life.     

I will attempt to clarify our genetic code so people like me are able to comprehend just a little better. I am not a genetic scientist, biologist, or a naturalist. A clearer understanding can be found with a visual.  Our genetic code is composed of 3.2 billion letters. All letters being either A, G, C or T. Imagine a book. A book filled with your genetic code. Each page contains 4 letters A, G, C, and T. The book would be over 800 pages. How these letters are arranged and connected determine much physical and psychological make-up. The arrangement of the genetic code humans sets us apart from animals and each other. We are our genome.

Genetic research is advancing at rates challenging us to accept more responsibility for the life we live. We have debated Nature vs Nurture for hundreds of years. It is established science. However, thanks to epigenetic research, we are learning nature has more impact upon gene expression than previously understood. Our environment helps mold our genes. Genes, environment, and chance are the factors that define us. The field of genome science provides ample evidence to support our hypothesis of an authentic identity.

Genes can be turned on.  Histone acetylation is the term for turning on the process. Genes can be turned off. DNA methylation is the term for the turning off process. It is critical to understand in your abilities to impact this process. You really can have more impact on your life than we are led to believe. Your environmental activities can release your authentic identity which is found in your genome. The mission of Best You is to impact gene expression for the positive.   

How genes are expressed, turned on or off, have a greater impact on your life that your genetic makeup. Imagine the construction of a house. The material to build a complete house is provided to the majority of people. Much of how the house is built, the timeframe in which it is built, and the type of house built is dependent upon genetic expression. Most people have the material to build a great house but environmental factors have a tremendous impact upon the final product. The people you surround yourself has an impact upon your genetic expression. Emotional neglect during childhood can lead to a concentration of stress hormones in adulthood. Stress levels impact your genetic expression. Cardiovascular disease may be traceable to the childhood environment. A bad heart is inhibiting. Sensitivity to our social environment impacts gene expression in the immune system. Gene expression is related to social support and economic resources. Our neurocircuitry has been trained to respond to our social environment. All perceptions are acts of interpretations. We do not passively perceive the world we actively create it. The house we build greatly depends on our genetic expression. 

Create an environment that allows you to activate the gene expression necessary to more fully live your life to your potential. Learn to activate your potential. Gene expression is important. Express yourself. 


Action step: Focus on who:

    1) Who surrounds you 

    2) What you ingest

    3) What you hear

    4) What you read   

    5) What you believe    

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