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Your private war  

The War on You

There has always been a war on you. The world conducts a war of conformity from the moment of your birth till your last breath. It can be as simple as blue for a boy and pink for a girl. It could be complicated as the care you receive at birth depends on the socioeconomic status of your parents. At birth your gender defines your color and money determines your health care. Institutions, mores, and systems of belief are established to enable society to prosper and sustain itself. The cooperation of the people is required to maintain an organized society.    

 Opposing Missions

Regardless of the society’s mission, you were born to achieve. You were born with a purpose, a mission, and the natural skills to achieve. The conflict with society’s purpose creates a tension that the majority succumb. There is a tension between who you were born to be and the person you are pressured to be. People are socialized to consume and drive the economic engine of a country. A strong economy is critical to a country’s survival. Your natural drive is to achieve. You do not have the natural drive to consume all that is advertised. But society tells you to acquire. Your natural drive is to standout and is positively unique. Your strength is your authenticity. But you are socialized to be like everyone else. People are socialized to consume and conform. I ask each of you to resist the seductive allure of illusionary prosperity and stay strong to your authenticity. Be forewarned that very few people remember the socialized but the world remembers the achiever. Achievers change the world. It is your authentic identity that contains your strength as an achiever.  


People are encouraged to strive to hold tight to the image that society places upon them. Often people unwillingly hold this image because it is the only image they know. Those images are often false and often easier to accept than to live your authentic greatness. Living as your authentic self, demands that you hold you accountable and responsible for your gift of greatness. This may be difficult. You have to fight for you. People will fight themselves to live a life of approval by a system of conformity. I ask each of you to fight for you. Fight for your truth. I ask you to overcome the seductive appeal of sameness and experience a life of fulfillment. Live your authentic identity.   

Forget and Remember

I ask you to forget what you have been taught and remember what you know. George Will reminds us that “Studies have produced powerful empirical evidence of a moral sense that is a component of a universal human nature”. Each of us has a moral sense. I ask you to use accept this truth. I ask you to accept your greatness. I ask you to remember your authentic identity and live it. We tend to evolve into the stories we tell ourselves. Tell yourself the truth. 

The weather of life changes. You shouldn’t change. You should adapt but never forget. Don’t succumb to the conformity of sameness. 

Action Step: 

Carry a notepad for one day. 

Make a mark every time someone tries to influence your life. 

Mark a mark every time someone expresses an opinion to influence your opinion.

Make a mark every time you hear a commercial.

Make a mark every time you read a post on social media stating an opinion.  

Make a mark for every political sign you see.

Make a mark for every billboard you see.

Make a mark for every truck with a business sign.

Make a mark for every car with an emblem. 

At the end of the day count the marks. You should realize the effort made in your conformity.  

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