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“The biology of the mind has now captured the imagination of the scientific community of the 21st century, much as the biology of the gene fascinated the scientist of the 20th century”. This is a quote from a speech by Eric Kandel given to the Noble Foundation in the year 2000. Neither nature or nurture is more important to the development of the individual. The field of epigenetics has become the focus in the field of human behavior. The science of epigenetics means control above genetics and it is changing how we view people. Epigenetic events happen at the interface between DNA and its environment. How characteristics are expressed in different contexts or situations is dependent on its environment. 

A genome is the genetic material of an individual. “The total complement of genes in an organism or cell is known as its genome, which may be stored on one or more chromosomes.” A chromosome consists of a single, long DNA helix on which thousands of genes are encoded. The genetic material determines your appearance and physical characteristics. Genotype is the genetic code of the cell. The expression of the genetic code is referred to an individual’s phenotype. A person’s hair texture, eyes, and blood type are examples of a person’s phenotype. The circumstances of a person’s development will influence the genome function. A person’s phenotype will also be influenced by the surrounding environment and stressors. 

In contrast to conventional wisdom, genes do not control their own actions. Instead, it is the membrane’s proteins operating in response to environmental signals. The cell’s membrane has receptors, acting similar to antennas, that receive signals from the environment. These antennas are energy receptors and if an energy vibrates in the environment which resonates with a membrane’s antenna it will alter the charge of the proteins. Altering the charge alters the expression of the gene. The mechanisms by which your body translates environmental signals into behavior is a function of the cell’s membrane. Gene expression is determined by interaction with the environment and not its genetic code. Contrary to public opinion, DNA blueprints do not control cell operations. 

The membrane’s function of interacting with the environment makes it the true brain of the cell. The cell membrane is the computer chip of the cell. The nucleus is simply a memory disk. It is a hard drive containing the DNA programs that encode the production of proteins. The DNA deals with long-term memory. The RNA deals with active memory and the proteins are the molecular building blocks for structure and behavior. Genetic coding is less important than gene expression in determining an individual’s quality of life. 

This is important to comprehend. It is not a singular matter of positive thinking but a comprehension of attitude, environment, and belief that impacts the quality of life. We are born and die with the exact same genetic sequential information. The expression of our genes can be influenced by environmental factors. DNA methylation works as a silencing mechanism and histone acetylation as an activating agent. Everything about us has a genetic involvement. Everything about us has a genetic expression. What we eat, life stressors, environment, and numerous other factors impact the way our genetic make-up is expressed. Each of us is born with a certain genetic makeup but how life is lived can be expressed in a variety of ways. The individual has more control to determine the direction in their life. Even in health issues, our actions have an effect. “Cancer has both a genetic and epigenetic basis” according to Andrew Feinberg of John Hopkins University. Even biological behavior can be controlled by thought. 

Genes turn on and turn off based upon inherited genetics and environmental factors. When a gene product is needed, a signal from its environment, not an emergent property of the gene itself, activates the expression of that gene. Additionally, genes can turn off and on during the 24-hour rhythm cycle of a person’s life. More than 10% of our genes are expressed cyclically. The understanding genetic expression is important in understanding the individual potential and authentic identity. 

Each of us should become familiar with the knowledge revealed by epigenetic research. Epigenetics provides us with scientific evidence to explain why identical twins raised in the same environment can have very different personalities. Understanding gene expression can provide life-altering information. The science of epigenetics is the field of study that reveals our ability to rise above genetic predisposition. I want everyone reading this to understand gene expression is the key to improving the quality of your life. Epigenetic research has established that DNA blueprints passed down through genes are not set in concrete at birth. Genes are not destiny. Environmental influences, nutrition, stress, and emotions can modify gene expression, without changing their basic blueprint. Success is often dependent on our ability to express the gifts found in our genetic make-up. 

Rhythm is also important when understanding the genetic expression. People are able to match the rhythms of gene expression to the rhythms of the natural world. Individuals have the ability to ensure their behavior and physiology remain in harmony with the natural world. We can impact our physical health, personality, and potential fulfillment by matching our individual natural rhythm with the rhythm of the natural world. Some people perform better at night, some better early in the morning and for some people, it makes little difference. Some people may perform in short bursts while some go until they are done. The 24-hour rhythm cycle is natural. Peak performance requires performing within the rhythm of nature. There is a natural rhythm to your life. Live that way. 

Gene expression can be impacted by understanding your authentic identity and living in accordance with the natural rhythm of life. Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon understands the importance of life’s natural rhythm. He avoids making major decisions in the afternoon or evening. He tries to have all meetings in the morning and 10 am is his target time. He operates as much as possible in accordance with life’s natural rhythm. It seems to the world well for him. Epigenetics is no longer just a theory but proven science. DNA methylation silences the gene and histone activates the gene. We are just not beginning to understand the individual ‘s ability to control their lives through gene expression and natural rhythm. 

We at Best You focus on the authentic identity because we believe it to be the only way to more fully develop the human potential. The key to success is living life as your authentic self. We focus on genetic expression to enlighten people as to their individual power. How you express yourself is often dependent on specific genes being turned on or off. A 2003 Duke University study reveals an enriched environment can override inherited genetic makeup. We believe that individuals have the ability to overcome the negative effects of society, generational scarcity, inherited genetic predispositions, and numerous other factors. 

Success as someone else is not a success. We are born with an authentic identity. Success can only be accomplished living life as the authentic you. Much of the environmental and societal impacts that inhibit our potential can be eradicated. Research in the field of epigenetics has provided literature revealing previous genetic information concerning genetic destiny is incorrect. The potential of the individual has been underappreciated. Living your authentic identity releases the energy to more fully activate the potential within you. This is more than the power of positive thinking. This is the power of living as you. Our genes and our environment are in a constant conversation throughout our lives. How we engage in that conversation determines our success in life. The good news about this research is there is much an individual can do to alter the direction of their life. Simple and pragmatic modifications will alter the life path of a person. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, for a person to do better they must know better. We now know better. The depth and relevance of this topic are critical to our mission. 

Action step: Prepare a list of 5 things in your immediate environment that assists you in living a successful life.      

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