09/15/19                                                                                                    Volume 3 Issue 50

Best You Guru™

Chosen to be You


Do you live like a candle in the window and wake up in a new world every day? Are you dependent on a job that provides little challenge, satisfaction, or future?Is your life a true reflection of your potential? Living life as a candle in the wind disregards the importance of the authentic identity. You were chosen to be you. Don’t choose to be anyone else? Don’t become persuaded to a live life chosen by another. You were born with a set of chromosomes with your genes. They are yours so use them. You have great control of how you express your genes. Thoughts, experiences, and environment have a tremendous impact on your life. You control much of these events. Genetic expression is controllable by thoughts and environment. The science of epigenetics has shown, in nature versus nurture argument, nurture has more to play in the identity of a person that originally believed. The genome is just where we all begin. 

IN the beginning, you knew 

What if you knew that your chances of living your childhood dreams could be increased by 90%? What about 80% What about 70%? Would you be willing to change if you had a 50% chance of living your dreams? We are not discussing the dreams you were programmed to have but the dreams of your childhood. Many people find themselves not reaching goals simply because the goals are not theirs. The goals may be the goals of someone reaching their goals using your efforts. Happiness can be found in pursuing and achieving authentic goals. Real happiness is found in living an authentic identity with a passionate purpose. Henry Ford believed “The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do and then do it.” People find themselves living a life as someone unknown to their childhood self. We have a justifiable need to fit in and be accepted. Too often we are accepted by the people taking us away from our destiny. You have a better chance than not of living your destiny but you must first know it. You must know you. The most difficult task in adult life is living you of your childhood. Becky Hammon, Assistant Coach to the San Antonio Spurs, “Everything in your childhood was preparing you for what is happening now and will happen in the future”. Football players generally to not train to live their life as a violinist. People trade in their childhood identity for a society approved adulthood identity. A horse is born a horse. Acting like a turtle once it is grown does not mean it is a turtle. 


Scientist focus on the task at hand. Business experts focus on short term monetary models. Politicians focus on the next election cycle. Does anyone really focus on the future authentic you? No one is focusing on the natural you, the authentic identity. Scientist, politicians, and business leaders are advancing technologies erasing the authentic you. This technology is augmenting you using genetic modification. Is that bad – maybe not. Is that good – maybe not. No one is really sure how much of us will be modified. Don’t allow anyone or anything thing dissuade you from living the life you were born to live. The only possible firewall against the damaging impact of humankind modification is people their authentic identity. 

Purpose over passion

People all over the world are seeking their purpose in life. I have met many people hoping to find themselves so they can live their purpose. The answer is simple but often not easy. I will give you the answer. Your purpose in life is to not deny you, your potential or your gift of greatness. The seductiveness of societal influences is hard to resist. The seeking of purpose outside of yourself will always fail you. Denying your gift of greatness to satisfy the wants of society places your life out of the natural order. You were born to be you. Too many people life an imitated life and wonder why they are unfulfilled. Life as you and you will never lack purpose. Your purpose is to live your authentic identity. Living your purpose with passion brings the happiness your soul seeks.       

Action step: Define your purpose in one sentence. List your childhood activities that support this statement. Your childhood activities should align with your purpose. If not, your purpose alludes you. Find it and you may find your authentic identity. 

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