09/15/18                                                                           Volume 2 Issue 26

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                   The Enemy: Comfort and Conformity                              

We have achieved much for the comfort of a small segment of humanity. A special elite has lived a better life because of the advances in society. The womb lottery has been critical throughout history but the opportunity to expand the benefits of progress has never been greater. Humanity has seen tremendous advances in technology, communication, transportation, medicine, housing, food, and almost every aspect of the comforts of life. Mankind has accomplished some marvelous things but in comparison to the development of the potential of the individual, we have accomplished very little. Comfort and conformity have been humanity’s major accomplishments in the previous century. We have accomplished quantity of good tasting food over good quality nourishing healthy food. 

Comfort and conformity are two values promoted by society as signs of success. Are they the correct values or deceptive values?  Comfort and conformity have sacrificed individuality in the name of the common good. The politics of one thought has inhibited the advancement of humanity. Religion, education, politics, business myopic perspectives, and delusions of grandeur are all costing civilization the opportunity of positive widespread for progression. Humanity requires creativity for positive advancement. Comfort and conformity, while useful tools for order, are enemies of individual creativity. Humanity requires the development of individual human potential by using achievement by design methodology.

Global warming, energy, food, water, housing, and numerous critical issues are being effectively ignored by the actions of our society. We have become focused on enriching the rich. The enrichment has come in the form of ego and comfort but rarely do we see the enrichment defined by the development of the potential of the individual. We have robbed mother earth of her resources while leaving virtually untapped the resources of the individual. We have spent centuries robbing the treasurers provided by mother earth. It is time to begin the enhancement of our gifts.

We are at the point of human existence where the advancement in communication, artificial intelligence are all outward manifestation pale in comparison to the need for the utilization of the potential of the individual. You are what is missing. The development of people is what is missing. People are missing in this age of advancement. The development of potential for the betterment of you is now required. Mankind progresses no further without the advancement of knowledge concerning the potential of the individual. We have made people more comfortable. We have focused on societal values. We have achieved conformity. But what part of comfort and conformity are you?  

What we call progress is really a ruse to keep us away from our potential. How can anything be considered the progress that inhibits the progress of the potential within each of us? We must learn to develop our individual potential to repay and replenish the resources of nature. We have ignored the individual potential. The tragedy is, there a young person who has the answer to renewable energy, there is a young person who has the answer to world hunger, there is a young person who has the answer to global warming, there is a young person out there with the answer. Answers surround us. Answers are everywhere. We may never see them. They are buried deep beneath society’s expectations. Our expectations have become so low that we have seemingly given up on what we could become.

A child enters our world filled with unlimited potential, full of boundless wisdom. Yet we tell the child to get a job – they have to think a certain way – to believe a certain way – to act a certain way – to become the person society expects them to be. If they don’t we cast them out and demean their uniqueness and ignore their usefulness. We teach our young to be like us. And we don’t have the answers.

Why not allow the gifts given to us of unlimited potential guide us instead of the conformity to a culture of problem creators? It is time we get out of our own way, get over ourselves, let go of our egos, and begin living our authentic identity.

Action Step:   Describe in the written word who you could have been. 

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