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Best You operates on the principles found in the Authentic Identity Theory. We believe you were born with inherent greatness and a purpose. Societal institutions serve the purpose of society. Their purpose is the continuation of society. The best interest of the individual is often ignored. Our mission is to enlighten people as to their authentic identity and provide an Achievement by Design Roadmap so they can live their potential. Using your potential serving your purpose is the path to happiness and fulfillment. We promote the best you and not the sanitized, sterilized, standardized version society demands. Our mission is not to promote and encourage the worst within you. America is the richest country on the planet but Americans rank low in personal happiness. People are rich but not happy. America is a very wealthy country but Americans live unfulfilled lives. The reason is simple. Americans do not live authentically. Americans succumb to the pressure of a society that has a different agenda than the one inherent within all of us. The mission of Best You is to connect people with their authentic identity. 

Misguided Agenda

The agenda of society is the perpetuation of current conditions, as set by those in control, for the benefit of society. Sameness and safety are required. The primary goal is for people to fit in. Conformity is encouraged at every turn. The organization, safety, and conformity of the people are necessary. The rule-makers establish societal structures that teach and enforcing rules, norms, and mores. People are socialized into a particular pattern of normalcy as to how they fit into a particular group which society has labeled. It helps everyone identify themselves and each other. Society has established these structures to enforce the standards so that society can perpetuate itself. Everyone must fit in. Any deviation will be seen as a threat and threat must not be endured. The belief is that people must be taught to disregard their inherent greatness to fit in so that society can perpetuate itself. 

We believe the proper cause of society should be to encourage the manifestation and enrichment of the authentic identity. The only path for the positive advancement of humankind is to allow each person to live their authentic identity. Allowing their inherent greatness to be used for the positive advancement of humankind. Currently, people are not living their potential. People fear they will not fit into society if they are different. They seek to be like everyone else. This is a false and self-limiting view of humankind. We must enrich the potential within each of us by promoting systems that recognize the authentic identity. This is the only path forward. Our problems cannot be solved by existing societal structures expectations. The structures are not the issue. The problem is the rules these structures enforce and encourage. A more efficient, positive, and productive future awaits if people are encouraged to live their greatness. People will naturally fit into a society that encourages the inherent gifts of greatness within each person. No two gifts are the same. We cannot complete the picture to the puzzle of if all the pieces are the same. Our world needs individual greatness to confront the crisis before humankind. It is a natural course to follow when watering the seeds already provided. One will never grow corn with the seeds of wildflowers. And yet that is what societies tend to attempt. 

Release your imprisoned spirit

Each person has a unique and authentic identity with potential that most often goes untapped. Our survival depends on recognizing these inherent gifts and using that potential. The Lakota Sioux has a tradition of addressing this issue to allow their people to live a happier life. The Sun Dance is a purification dance believed to release the spirit imprisoned in the flesh. Releasing the imprisoned spirit would allow the individual to understand the true meaning of life. The ceremony was most often conducted in the center of a village where a painted pole was erected representing the tree of life. Modern society has created and endorsed systems that believe the key to happiness is one more dollar. We must recognize the struggle for the dollar will never satisfy the soul. Living the gift of your inherent greatness is the only path to happiness and fulfillment.  

“State a moral case to a plough man and a professor, the former will decide it as well, and often better than the latter, because he has not been led astray by artificial rules.” Thomas Jefferson

Action step: Identify three things you know and believe as truth. With as must courage and honesty as you can muster, answer this question. How do you know these three things?   

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