09/01/18                                                                 Volume 2 Issue 25

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                                                  Mental Repositioning

The participation of the American middle class is vital to the flattening of the American business model. Without a flattening of the business middle, a vibrant middle class is impossible. American capitalism cannot sustain itself without a strong middle class. American capitalism requires an economic and social environment encouraging the active participation of the people. Our economic system of supply and demand requires the direct involvement in the business of a large portion of the population. Economic inequality is cancer upon free enterprise. The pyramid management model is less valid today. Economic and social conditions require a greater contribution from the people. A return to a focus on individual ownership of business, entrepreneurship and a realization of the “You” economy is demanded. 

Real-time conditions find stagnant wages, people lacking in-demand skills, and the middle class has found themselves in a position of economic demise. The misuse of capital, in questionable ventures such as derivatives, by Wall Street executives have brought about the economic collapse of many institutions and the need for reassessment of our economic structure and purpose of our institutions. Becoming actively involved in the American model of business is required for a renewed and strong middle class.  

Mental repositioning is required for significant change. The American population must go from a mental mindset of seeking a job to one of entrepreneurship. A person is their career. A career is not a job. There is a significant difference. A career is who you are and a job is just a funding mechanism. Individuals must see them as their career as opposed to a place to go. People must become entrepreneurs of their own career. The democratization of information and communication has altered the very nature of global commerce and social relations so significantly as did print revolutionized in the early modern era. We have witnessed three Industrial Revolutions: 

First Industrial Revolution: Steam-powered technology, railroads, and Frederick Taylor’s theories of Scientific Management. 

Second Industrial Revolution: Oil-powered internal combustion engine, electrical communication, and Six Sigma. 

Third Industrial Revolution: Renewable energies, Internet communication, lateral management and the gig economy. 

Communication and energy combine to form revolutions. Top-down capitalism is giving was to distributive capitalism. Henry Ford flattened transportation and the internet flattened communication.  A mental shift must take place to capture the potential found in the Third Industrial Revolution. Don’t become the best buggy whip sale person. Be the Best You.


Action step: For one hour separate yourself from your cell phone, television, other people, and any other influence that is not of nature. Be alone for one hour and determine if you can be honest with yourself. Determine what separates you from your truth. Write it down. Determine how best to connect with yourself and erase those barriers that separate you. Hint: If you have no list you are fooling yourself. Once you are honest with yourself you can begin. Write down three marketable attributes that define you. Now determine how to market those attributes. If you need help, ask. You will never achieve true success living life as someone else. 


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