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You were given one life, one ride, one gift, and one opportunity to use the seeds of unique greatness. There is no rewind or second chance. Once a moment has passed it becomes a building block or a moment soon to be regulated to a wasteland of other nebulous moments. Reflections of unused potential can be found in cemeteries across the world. Graveyards are full of unused potential. A place where a second chance is not given.     

You don’t live twice and I am not sure twice is enough for humankind to properly appreciate the gift. We are marvelous creatures given tremendous talents. All humans come hardwired with certain traits and characteristics that are part of their nature. Our nature is of greatness. Social institutions, social norms, and social standards are threats to that greatness. Society’s mission, noble as it may be, is one of order and conformity. Your greatness is not always in tune with order and conformity. Your life did not come with an instruction book. Imagine how much you could have done if only you would have known or you had come with an instruction book. If only someone would have told you that you could have lived a life more worthy of your greatness. The real problem lies within you. No one knows of your talents and desires better than you. You must not allow your dreams to be second to the social order. Each of us must learn to live our greatness within the realm of social pressures. We must learn to know and listen to ourselves. Each of us must resist the social version of ourselves and live our authentic self. Each of us must juxtapose the importance of social conformity to our unique and inherent greatness. Life is a balancing act. 

No Dress rehearsal  

What I ask of you is to not to become a free rider in your own life. Play the lead in your life. Don’t accept the understudy role. Don’t always assume society’s norms, culture, and standards are always right for you. You must firmly believe in yourself and your purpose. Belief creates hope. It is the power of hope that changes behavior. It is the power of hope that changes the world. Never give up hope on your dreams and aspirations. Take action and always move forward in the direction of your dreams. Action with the attachment of hope creates a powerful drive. The kind of drive that is within you. Seek what is yours. You will never find what you don’t seek. Don’t be the candle in the wind allowing your life’s path to altered by an unfriendly wind. Be the Beacon of light for the lost souls and show them the way. Help them find their purpose and their reason for being here. You can help others by walking your path of greatness. Humans have unlimited potential and most people are just scraping the surface of their powers. Einstein taught us that we do not live in a universe with discrete, physical objects separated by dead space. The universe is one indivisible whole in which energy and matter are so deeply entangled it is impossible to consider than as independent elements. What I ask of you is to tap into the energy of the universe. Tap into your personal power. What is your personal lid on your personal achievement if you really understand power? 

Knowledge and belief come before achievement. Set the world aflame and allow a wonderful glow after the fire of your life passes. Will the ambers of your life continue to glow after your fire?

Action step:  

Read the story of how the Noble Prize came into existence. Then write down how you honestly think you will be remembered.  


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