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                                                              Human Modification

The physical modification of humans has been commonplace for generations. Pacemakers, prosthetics, and other medical devices are examples of the physical hacking that has positively assimilated into our daily lives. Humankind is beginning a new era in human evolution. We are entering the era of genetically modified humans. The era of genetic modification has begun. The hacking of the human gene and the hacking of human thought processes are new fields in science. Your authentic identity is a firewall against the hacking of human thought processes. CRISPER is the DNA splicer mechanism that allows the human gene to be modified. Genes instruct cells to make proteins. You can change genes which trigger the expression of proteins and provide the stimulus for the body to behave as if they had superior genes. Gene doping is the term. We now have the capability of turning any cell into a stem cell.

People misunderstand and underestimate the rate of change taking place with DNA modification. Since the digital revolution, we have experienced exponential change. We have witnessed Moore’s Law in genetic engineering (computing power doubles every two years). We have internalized Moore’s law and that means we expect exponential change across technology. We are redefining what it is to be human. Our DNA is the greatest information storage mechanism ever imagined. Four billion years of history is contained in DNA. The disruption of CCR5 could lead to many advances in genetic modification. CCR5 is a protein that is involved in the immune system and acts as a receptor for chemokines. There is evidence that disrupting CCR5 will help in the fight against disease such as M-tropic strains of HIV-1 infections. China has become a scientific-based culture and seeks to be the world's leader. They are country run by engineers. We are a country run by lawyers and popularity seekers. Genetics is the ultimate big data problem. Europe has the strictest privacy laws, the United States has moderate privacy laws, and China has the weakest. China has a national plan to lead the world in future technologies. AI and genetic engineering. The era of making genetic changes to living human is here. Gene therapy is becoming common in medical technology. 

Technology is coming to be inside our bodies. In the future will not carry cell phones. Communication will be implanted within us as chips. In Sweden, people are already having chips implanted to open doors. Health and longevity will be the first areas addressed in the area of genetic modification. Discovering the genetic patterns that allow people to live long lives and using that knowledge. The genetic revolution has begun and it will fundamentally change our lives in three areas:

1) We are moving from generalized healthcare that relies on population averages and moving to a world of personalized medicine. The foundation of personalized medicine is healthcare based on the individual’s genome sequence and their electronic health records. This also means we will have to sequence the genome of everyone. Then we will be able to compare what the genes say and how they are expressed. Humans will become a large data set which will move us from precision to predictive healthcare. You will be born and parents will have the genome sequencing of the child. This will help in ensure providing healthcare regime that addresses some problems before they arise and allow doctors to be better equipped to address unforeseen issues.

2) We will change the way to procreate. We will get away from sex as the primary mechanism for conceiving children. We will still have sex for pleasurable reasons. People having babies through sex will be seen as taking a risk. Insurance companies may not cover children born naturally. People will come to see that conceiving children in a lab is safer. Embryo selection will be the next technological advancement. This opens up an entirely new world of how to apply science to what it means to be human. Applying what we know to enhancing life. Having children with higher IQs, better athletes, and so much more. We are genetic beings and will be able to engineer our genetic expression.

3) We are coevolving with our technology and there will be unintended consequences. Neuro link is the ability to link our brain to a computer and download the memory. Elon Musk has explained the technology, process, and how his company plans to capture the market. AI will become self-learning and once this occurs a person will be able to read every book ever written. Professions that will undergo the least upheaval are those professions that involve people, unpredictability, and creativity. The future of humanity may be non-biological. We now are witness to robots that can carry on a conversation with responses to your nonverbal signals.

We need to understand the coming technologies and understand our current value system. The coming question is what defines a human. We must use different values in facing revolutionary future technology. Future technology presents a historic challenge to humankind. We are experimenting with a lot of unknowns.

There is a better future. There is a worse future. We must ensure a bottom-up solution to this challenge. We need each other and the inherent greatness within each of us more than ever before. Technology has advanced to a point where deep fake videos, audio dubs, fake social media posts, and other forms of hacking our greatness do not allow us to believe what we hear, see, or read. We are at a dangerous juncture. We must depend on one another and know our true selves. 

We cannot stop the hacking and manipulation but we can fight the effectiveness. A person must embrace their authentic identity. A person must know themselves better than the hackers.

Action step: Read “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman  

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