08/15/18                                                                                      Volume 2 Issue 24

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                                                     Social Influence 

People are social animals. Humans spend their lives around other humans. Simple concept. It is a rational and expected to assume people seek human contact. Being alone for extended periods of time is not healthy for the human experience. People tend to surround themselves with people like themselves. Although comforting this behavior pattern may not prepare the individual for the challenges of a changing world. Interactions and relationships are smoothest when conducted with people of similar beliefs, cultures, and behaviors. People like to surround themselves with people like themselves. It is easier because their beliefs, opinions, customs, and actions will not be challenged or questioned. People follow a path of least resistance comparable to electricity. Surrounding oneself with people of different tribes, cultures, and countries may cause friction and resistance. People avoid friction. Change creates friction and thus avoided by the majority of people. Change is avoided by the masses because of the friction it causes. Surrounding oneself with people that are not similar is a challenge of thought, actions, and beliefs. People tend to avoid these challenges. To voluntarily challenge oneself would create friction on purpose. Friction between your current belief system and one that may lead to a new and improved you is too often avoided. This avoidance comes at the expense of personal growth. Avoiding friction denies the achievement potential within the individual.

Life is often lived in the comfort of a cocoon. Safe and unchallenged. 

Questions we should ask:

Does a tribe really represent who you are?

Does the tribe represent the person you are to become?

Do you bend to the will of the tribe?

Does the tribe bend to your will?

Has the tribe changed your authenticity? How would you know? 

Do you assimilate unknowingly?

What if all you thought you knew and believed were false?

What if your tribe contributes to your demise?

What if your tribe is wrong?

We feel safest with the familiarity of our tribe. It is the courageous soul that leaves the tribe to remain true to their authentic identity.  

Which path we take requires either courage or conformity. Which path we take determines our legacy. Conformity is seductive while courage is intimidating. Conformity only leads where the tribe takes you. Courage takes you where the tribe may follow or you may be forced out of the tribe. Find the courage to discover your authentic identity and live it. The tribe has become an inhibitor to the progress of the individual. The beliefs, traditions, and behavior of the tribal leaders have prevented the development of the individual members of the tribe. To live a life of a more fully used potential each individual must determine the benefit of the tribe in which they inhabit. Tribes are useful for survival but may inhibit the development of the individual. The challenges of modern society require a fuller utilization of individual potential.         


Action step: Prepare a list of the 5 people you spend the most time. Write down their hobbies, occupations, religion, political beliefs, and characteristic that you find relevant. It is difficult, to be honest about the people surrounding you but it is necessary. Upon completing the lists compare the lists. You can learn much of you by reviewing the lists. These lists speak loudly of the person you show yourself to be to the world.

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