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“Flanked by Life and the Funeral Pyre”


We walk the tightrope of life. Our footing in life can be easily gauged and measure. The balance required of a fruitful life, while walking the tightrope, is governed by our mindset. According to American psychologist Carol Dweck, many people tend to see their abilities as fixed. These people see talent as something people either have or they don’t. Other people tend to see their abilities with a “growth mindset”. They believe abilities can change. It is the mindset that determines a person’s ability to overcome the challenges of life.   



People with a “growth mindset” have interests in difficult topics. They appear to want to know more regardless of the complexity of the material or topic. The critical element in our success is our mindset. The mindset determines how a person views a challenge and approaches a challenge. The people with a “growth mindset” will respond to fields outside their normal interests. Responding to interests outside a person’s normal range provides avenues of opportunity that eludes the person with a “fixed mindset”. People with a “fixed mindset” rarely act on their curiosity. People with a “growth mindset” act on their curiosity. People with a “growth mindset” have a determination to pursue a goal exceeding the determination of people with a “fixed mindset”. 

People with a “growth mindset” do not find themselves with a certain permanent set of abilities or talents. They see themselves as having the ability to change and adapt their talents as required by the challenge. 


Possibilities or limitations 

The long-term effects of your mindset determine the quality of your life. A “fixed mindset” can have a person continually looking for the perfect job, perfect spouse, or perfect life. The person with a “growth mindset” will seek the possibilities within the current conditions they have placed or find themselves. The type of mindset a person adapts is often unconscious and prejudiced by the environment that surrounds envelopes them. A “fixed mindset” or “permanent mindset” is on display for all the world to see. It is our mindset that we are often most blind.       


Fruits or Smoke

Life is a tightrope walk flanked by life and the funeral pyre. How we walk the tightrope depends on our mindset. Life with all its abundance can be fruitful or it can be a constant funeral pyre. We can nurture the seeds of unique greatness within each of us or our greatness can go up in smoke. Surround yourself with people with a “growth mindset” and allow those with a “fixed mindset” to find a different circus.  


Action step:  

Do some self-reflection. 

Do you maintain a “fixed mindset” or a “growth mindset”? 

One way to determine is to answer one question.  

Are you living the life you want? 




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