08/01/18                                                               Volume 2 Issue 23

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                   Education is Foundation


In July 2018 Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, described the reason for the lack of wage growth in our country. Powell stated long-term wage growth is a response to an increase in productivity. Wages may lag but should increase as a result of sustained productivity. Educational achievement is the major contributor to increasing productivity. America’s lack of educational attainment has held wages back. Our wage problem is an education problem.   

Personal achievement problems are also an education issue. Not an academic education issue in the traditional sense, but educational as to the potential within each individual. What has held people back from achieving more of their potential is their lack of education concerning their authentic identity. As a functioning society we have failed in our responsibility to the individual. World hunger, energy resources, climate change, war, and other problems facing humanity are continually ignored. We have debates concerning those issues. We point fingers at one another. We have become experts at the blame game. We focus on easing the symptoms but rarely seek a cure. We focus on enriching a few while appeasing the rest. We have been programmed to believe only a few deserve the best the life has to offer. The majority of the population have been taught to settle. We accept the poor will always be among us, the sick deserve little assistance, as well as other trials and tribulations of life. We have come to accept what could be changed. No one was born to be poor, uneducated, or homeless. The authentic identity holds tremendous potential and with synergy effort many of the world’s troubles could be solved. The awareness of our authentic identity must be deepened in order to solve many societal problems.   

Positive thinking, massive motivation, correlated creativeness, are all great efforts but they fall short in meeting our needs. Nothing changes if you apply all the great learning of the modern self-improvement programs to the person you are not. The best positive thinking techniques in the world will not help you discover you. It would not help you reach our potential if everyone in the world prayed and encouraged you to become the person you are not. How does people helping you become someone else, help you? This is how our society has been structured to function.     

The authentic identity is the only path to personal success. Becoming someone other than you will only satisfy others in meeting their expectations of you. “There’s no better you, than the you that you are”, Aussia Cara.


Action step: Make a commitment to uncover your authentic identity. Contact us if you wish to learn how. All that is required of you is a sincere desire, the ability to follow directions, a burning passion, and a perseverance to take the path that leads to you.


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