07/15/19                                                                                         Volume 3 Issue 46

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                                                 Educate or Entertain

 Our educational system has detached the educational process from the advancement of culture. America’s educational system has become an engine for commerce. Education should serve as an advancement of culture, not merely corporate profits. Capitalism is more than monetary gain. Adam Smith reminds us “What improves the circumstances of the greater part can never be regarded as an inconveniency to the whole. No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable. 

Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) should not be regarded as the sole justification for an educational system. Studies to protect our history, our culture, and humanity must be advanced with the same passions as STEM. Education is more than the accumulation of wealth. Education should advance our culture. The American educational system may have detached itself but have you detached yourself from advancing your personal culture? Each of us has a personal educational system. In our personal lives, we must balance our need for economic advancement with the need for personal development.

It is not money that makes one's life worth remembering. It is not wealth that creates happiness worthy of life. It is not gold that touches the human soul. It is the lie of the con that would attempt to convince a person that wealth can equal the kindness of a smile, the gentle touch of kind hand in time of need, or the smile of a child. It is a deception of the soul to value the wealth of a person over their character. A life worth remembering involves matters of much more importance to the advancement of humankind. Art, music, literature, and kindness are all attributes that must be advanced in a society worthy of the gift of life.

We are advancing a culture where people are famous for being famous. The celebrity of wealth ignores the value of the authentic identity. The focus on commerce above the focus on culture allows the promise of greatness, found in the gift of life, to go unfilled. Don’t allow your life to be a promise unfilled. Educate yourself about culture. Educate yourself for a quality of life that wealth can never purchase. Educate yourself to the finer things in life. Life is the finest thing offered to each of us. Educate for culture and economics.

Cut the cord on who you they told you to be and live as who you were meant to be. I have a friend that has always lived this way. He lives his life for his art. Monetary measures have only been employed to perpetuate his life and his art. His art is on display throughout our great country and numerous countries around the world. He and his work have been written about nationally and internationally. He can tell you of his art in detail. The recall of his monetary status is not as quick He has enough money to live life as he desires. He is one of the most satisfied and happy people I know. His wealth is his life. He has added much to the happiness of our culture.

Americans spend more time and money on entertainment than on education. Has your life been about educating yourself to the abundance around you or about the short-term thrill of entertainment? Allow your life to reflect the gift of greatness given you instead of what entertains you. Don’t be seduced into a life remembered for the entertainment consumed. Live a life remembered for what you gave. Educate or entertain yourself. The world sees the results.         

Action step: Read a minimum of 5 pages a day of a great book.

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