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                                                                What happened?

Many people state they want to be happy. Many people say they want a better life. I do not doubt their desires. I have no doubt they truly desire a better life and to be happy. The truth is that each of us was born with the potential to achieve unique and inherent greatness. Greatness that only you can fulfill. Your genetic make-up provides the format to live a great life. So, what happened?  

The truth is that you were born to be happy. You were born with the potential to achieve unique happiness that only you could understand. Happiness that only you can fulfill. A baby’s laugh can uplift anyone at any moment. Laughter is natural as well as a self-preservation response. A smile can relieve almost any tense situation. You are genetically wired to be happy. So, what happened?

You were born to be great and happy. So, we can ask, what happened? 

What happens is called life. Life happened. Society’s norms and standards are introduced into the life of an individual at an early age. People are influencers. Peer pressure is real. Conformity pressure is real and intense at times. People have choices but often they go unrecognized. Individuals are given choices. A person can accept society’s standards as their own, reject society’s standards, or assimilate society’s standards into their genetic inheritance. We can modify areas of our inherited disposition and create a genetic expression worthy of our life. The choices we make can often determine our happiness and living our greatness. Laughter is not a learned response. It is natural. The laughter of a baby is one of the most natural and relaxing of all human responses. 

Let us provide some definition clarity. How do you define happy? How do you define great? The definitions of happiness and greatness may have been hijacked by society. To be happy and live inherent greatness a person must adhere to their distinct definition of happiness and greatness. This can be difficult because people often forget who they were born to be. We know as children the source of our happiness and what it means to be great. Your definitions are the ones that matter. What determines your happiness may not determine mine. Your definition of greatness may not match mine. But whose life are you living? Society’s definition of happy and great may not meet yours. This is recognized as your truth.   

An example of where we may have been diverted can be found in America’s obsession with fame and fortune. America is the richest and most famous country in the history of mankind. Americans should be the happiest people on the planet if fame and fortune satisfied the human quest for happiness. But this does not appear to be the case. Ranking of the “World Happiness Report” by the United Nations:

1. Finland

2. Denmark

3. Norway

4. Iceland

5. Netherlands


19. United States 

According to the United Nations, the United States ranks 19th in happiness. The United Nations is not the only organization that measures happiness. The Gallup World Poll is a set of nationally representative surveys undertaken in more than 160 countries in 140 languages. The ranking is numbered in a ladder format with 0 at the bottom and 10 at the top. The Cantril ladder, ranking life satisfaction, is a self-anchoring scale representing more than 98% of the world’s population. The United States ranks 6.88 on the Cantril scale. Finland ranks 7.86; Iceland 7.48; Norway 7.44; Sweden 7.37; and New Zealand 7.37. The United States would rank higher if fame and fortune brought happiness. Frederick Herzberg, in his two-factor theory, reminds us that money is a hygiene factor. We need it to maintain but let us not confuse existence with happiness. Money brings many things but it cannot compare to kindness in times of sorrow. Fame can be a trap and often an illusion promising happiness. Fame is fleeting and fortune is nebulous. The loneliness of the soul can never be satisfied by money or fame. Avoid the propaganda and stay true to yourself.      

It is our opinion, at Best You, that you were designed to be happy and great. The science of epigenetics teaches us that society influences our thoughts, behaviors, and genetic expression. It is our life experiences that either support our inherent greatness or detracts from us. The science of epigenetics also teaches us that inherited characteristics can be modified via genetic expression using life experiences as positive forces. Each of us has a distinctive set of experiences. These experiences influence the activity of genes that alter the structure and chemistry of our body's cells. These experiences alter the structure and functioning of our bodies. We each look and act like unique individuals, even in rare situations where two individuals share the same DNA. Because epigenetic alterations determine how our genes are changed, it should not surprise us that individuals are unique, identical twins included. Our experiences matter. 

Most people want to improve their life however they are not excited about fixing themselves. The fix comes from within ourselves. Fixing ourselves requires acknowledging that our lived experiences leave “marks” on our DNA. These marks affect how our genes are expressed. Genetic expression is the way we live. The influences on our lives impact our lives. Each touch of another person leaves a trace of DNA. To improve our lives, we must improve our environment. We must get excited about improving ourselves. We have great control of life impacts and we should use control. The opportunities to improve our lives must be followed by belief. Your belief and the belief of those around you can determine the quality of your life. Research proves our human emotions can change the shape of our DNA. Experiments revealed that different emotions produced different effects on the DNA molecule causing it to either wind or unwind. Each of us is the determiner of our happiness and greatness. But do we know it? We must enlighten one another in our power to live our greatness. Living our unique greatness is the path to happiness.    

We must assume responsibility for our happiness and our greatness. The epigenetic effects can be every bit as bold as genetic effects. Societal influences can override your genetic inheritance so each of us must be mindful of where societal influences are detrimental. We also must be mindful of where societal influences provide a positive influence on our lives. We were given a frame of greatness. We can choose to build on that frame or sabotage the frame. 

Action step 

1. Smile more. Smile often. Smile for no apparent reason

2. Laugh more. Laugh often. Laugh for no apparent reason.

3. Surround yourself with people that support your greatness.

4. Surround yourself with people that support your happiness

5. Believe in your ability to be great and happy 

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