07/01/19                                                                                          Volume 3 Issue 45

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                                                           Purpose not passion

Not everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to improve their life. The question is why? There is a myriad of answers to the question. Millions of people around the world may not have a legitimate opportunity. Maybe the person does not see the opportunity. Maybe the person sees the opportunity but does not know what course to pursue. Maybe a person does not want to improve. Maybe a person believes this is all there is. Maybe a person believes the opportunity is only for others. I do not know all the reason people fail to take advantage of opportunities.

I have found the primary reason for people within our culture not improving their life can be found in what they are told. People are told to pursue their passion. People are encouraged to follow their passion. We encourage people to do what they love. This is wrong on so many levels. Love can be a fleeting moment. Informing people to follow their passion can lead them to an emptiness. It is wrong because passion is all too often a society influenced pursuit. Passion is often not in our own best interest. Passion can be fun but often misleading. I could list numerous examples of why passion is the wrong pursuit. Suffice it to say that passion may lead us into situations dangerous to our potential.

I suggest we discover our purpose. I stress for each individual to realize their purpose. Fulfilling one’s purpose satisfies the soul more than the promise of passion. Just because others cannot see your purpose doesn’t mean the vision isn’t achievable. The critical element is that you see and understand your purpose. You were born to be someone special doing special things. Everything you do should go back to your purpose and that can only be found in your authentic identity. All that is not relevant to your purpose should be reduced or eliminated.

Your purpose can be found in your childhood. You were born with it and you will die with it. Fulfilling it should be what consumes the time between birth and death. Discover your purpose and fulfill it with passion. You are the same person as you were as a child. The difference may only be in how you express yourself. Do you express your truest self or the self that society has told you to be? This could be the most important question you ever ask and answer.

Action step: When you were a child:

1) What did you dream of becoming?

2) How did you spend your free time?

3) Who were your heroes?

4) What made you cry?

5) What made you smile?

6) What caused fear?

7) What created comfort?

8) What made you feel alone?

9) Who allowed you to feel accepted?

10) What was your limit?

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