07/01/18                                                                               Volume 2 Issue 21

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                                  Authentic Identity

Too many people spend the majority their lives covered up by the truths of others. Individual truth is being smothered by group truth. The demands of society have outweighed the needs of the individual. Self-truth has given away to the illusion of group truth. Ask someone who they are and the responses given are of group identification. People respond with their occupations, their political affiliation, their religion, their family status but rarely with their self-truth. We are showing the world the façade of our truth. Group truth is ever changing and vacillates with trends and fads. Societies constantly adapt to change. The authentic identity should never change. The authentic identity reacts to change but should never change for the sake of change. Occupations change, political affiliations change, religions change, family status change, but self-truth remains. It becomes buried under the layers of societal expectations. Self-truth is permanent, stable, and does not vacillates. Nuances appear as growth takes place but self-truth remains stable. Our authentic identity remains. Authentic identity is being suffocated by the very people we entrust with our safety. Well-meaning people with good intentions are participating in the demise of authentic identity.

We create labels for society classifications which enable the group to establish rules of conformity. The labeling and classification continue for a lifetime. Self-identity has been unwillingly sacrificed for the profitable support and continuation of a labeling system that denies self-truth. Group truth is too easily modified by group think and pressures of a force more powerful than any individual. Groupthink is damaging for self-truth. Becoming part of a trend has taken the place of priority in the lives of many people. Labeling has become comfortable. Embracing authentic identity is a journey of the individual. Society can encourage this journey but too often inhibiting are placed in the path. Each of us must recognize the truth within us and the truth within those around us. Stop the labeling and recognize the truth. You cannot recognize the truth in another if your hide forms yourself.

It is tremendously satisfying to be part of the change that makes life better for people. Why not allow yourself to be the change? It is satisfying and meaningful when you are the change. Why not provide yourself the opportunity to reveal, to yourself, your authentic identity? This process is often scary but it can be so rewarding. Each of us should strive to give purpose to our lives. Your authentic identity provides your purpose. The only path for true happiness is to live as you. Reveal your authentic identity and live your truth. The change begins with stopping the cover-up and removing the layers of falsehoods. Remove the layers of societal expectations. There is not a better way for the world to view your life than to live as your authentic identity, Allow the world to see your self-truth. Allow the world to become a better place.    

Action step: Write down the person you were at the ages of 4 – 12. What did you enjoying doing? What did you like reading? What were your favorite subjects in school? Who were your heroes? What scared you? What made you laugh? What made you cry? What made you tense? What relaxed you? Did you play in the dirt? Were you ever hungry? Describe your family structure? Were you popular in school? In short, describe your life as a child. This is difficult and arduous. It may take weeks to complete but very necessary to reconnect with your authentic identity.


Now take that report and exam it. I mean honestly exam it. Does that reflect your life today?

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