06/15/19                                                                                      Volume 3 Issue 44

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                                                    The Measure


Sorry for the lateness of this blog. I had another one prepared but last evening I experienced something that I needed to share. A successful life. So, I placed the prepared article on hold and will share something that speaks to the heart of our purpose. Successful living.

You can tell much about yourself by who surrounds you. Who are your friends? You are the average of your five closest friends. The truth is we are a reflection of the people we spend the most time. You can learn a lot about someone just by looking at their list of friends. 

Your life’s work is defined by the people you impact. Hopefully, your life is not the only life you positively impact. Your life’s work lives in the people you impact. Both positive and negative. Your life will have an impact. Your legacy is the impact you have on people.

What caused me to push back the prepared article was what I witnessed, experienced, and felt last evening. The powerful positive feeling felt from the lives of successful people leaving a positive impact provides purpose for our life. We all should understand the importance of honor, integrity, giving back, paying forward, and living a life worth remembering. We hear those words but when you are in the presence of people living those words, it is powerful, meaningful, and soul-satisfying. Last evening, we were fortunate to attend a gathering of some of the finest people ever to fill a banquet hall. Rich and poor, old and young, conservative and liberal, shy and socially nimble. I did not encounter one person that could be considered egocentric, negative, myopic, narcissistic, or even mean-spirited. All these kind people were there to celebrate the life of one couple. This couple has been together for 50 years and people from all over the country came to celebrate their lives. The people in this banquet hall are representative of the positive impact this couple has made upon the world. They are leaving a positive legacy that will live through the lives of everyone in that room. The love and lessons they provide all of us will be passed to future generations as examples of a successful life. It is an honor to call these people friends and to know they have graciously given time to Robin and myself. I will not mention their names only out of respect. I did not ask their permission to share their names. But I will take the liberty to share the experience and what I witnessed as to the positive impact their lives have provided.  

Think about what impact you are leaving. Ponder your legacy. Remember that you will spend a lifetime building your legacy.


Action step: Ask yourself these difficult questions:

1) Who will remember you with gratitude?

2) Are you living a purpose driven life?

3) Will your life matter after you are gone?


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