06/15/18                                                                           Volume 2 Issue 20

Best You Guru™


Connection is something to which we all strive. We may not admit it. We like to believe we are independent in our thoughts and beliefs. However, our lives become a series of connections. We fear admitting this characteristic may reveal a weakness. We prefer to believe that we are individuals independent of the need for others. But the overwhelming evidence supports the argument of a need for connection. Connection provides us an identity. A standing in society. Connection provides a sense of security. We are connected to religion, school, vocation, avocation, friends, family, politics, and the list goes on. We have more connections than ever before in human history. It is not a question of if we are connected. To what we are connected is the question. Have we exchanged who we are for approval of the family, workplace peers, sports teams, religious institutions, schools, peers, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social platforms. We have become alone in our connectivity because we lost the most important connection.

We have based our self-worth on the number of likes we receive on a particular post, the number of followers or friends on Facebook, and other social internet validation platforms. We begin to question our self-worth if no one responds to a comment. We begin to question our opinions once people we have never met challenge our beliefs. We recently had an election influenced by social media posts. We become confused because of our desire to be connected. Our beliefs, opinions, and self-worth seem to be connected in new ways. In America, the connection to a vocation is the holy grail of connections. Our identity is firmly connected to our method of making money. We are connected to everyone and everything, except ourselves. The connectivity most vital to our uniqueness has become endangered.

 Communication connectivity has modified our society and our place in it.  Our ability to adjust to rapid change has created a divided and confused population. People are creating tribes in an effort to create a comfortable self-identity. Connection to a tribe has become the status quo. People choose their new sources of information to fit with comfortable opinions that do not challenge them. Connection to a comfortable source that reinforces other connections. Connections help provide a sense of well-being. However false this sense of security may be, connections have become psychologically important. Our insecurities have become such that we, at our birth, is no longer enough to maintain the connectivity commonplace in modern society.  We are abandoning ourselves to become connected. We form information silos which reinforce our current beliefs of connectivity. We soon become the sum of our connections. After all, no one wishes to be alone. But the most damaging form of loneliness is found in a crowd.

 All forms of connectivity are not helpful to personal achievement. We are losing the ability to identify which forms of connectivity are helpful and which are harmful. Do not become overly dazzled by the promise of social media. The purpose of social media is data gathering. It is not to find your best friend or stay in touch or even remind people of your birthday. Social media was not designed or developed for your satisfaction. You are a means to an end. You are the product and the consumer. We are all products to be sold to companies. The purpose of social media is to find out more about you. The reason social media wants to know more of you is not that social media is concerned about your welfare. Social media wishes to sell you stuff. All kinds of stuff. Companies purchase information gathered from social media sites so they can manufacture items you will purchase. Companies gain enough information about you so they are able to help define your likes and dislikes and thus what you need to purchase. The primary function of social media is to profit from your identity. They realize greater profits once they assist in constructing your identity. Once your identity is established they can sell you things to fit that identity. You are being modified. Every form of social media, every occupation, every religion, every social institution, every governmental institution, and every family structure modifies you. You will be cast out of the group if you rebel against the accepted standards of these groups. Connections modify you to conform to the connecting group. Pressure is applied and the majority of people will modify themselves to acquire and maintain the connection. 

 We at Best You believe in the genuine you and not the connections. The child in you is the uncorrupted you. Prior to the assaults of societal connections is the person meant to achieve. For the true you to achieve the greatness with the you of today must reconnect to the genuine you. Your personal greatness remains within you and can only be advanced with a connection to the genuine you. Connections determine the degree to which your personal level of achievement is realized. You will become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time. Best you realize the importance of connection and maintains a philosophy of focus. We believe the focus should be on the greatness. Each of us knew as a child where our personal achievement could be found. As a child we understood our purpose. We may have not known how to express it, use words to define it, or truly understand the enormity of what we could achieve. But we knew. Societal pressures to connect provides the catalyst to redirect our focus away from our purpose. A truism of life is What gets your attention gets your focus. What gets your focus gets YOU. Potential is lost and personal achievement gives way to erroneous connectivity. We believe achievement should be designed and not provided by societal expectations. Don’t let circumstances and flawed connections dictate who you are. Achievement By Design is a process developed by Best You to assist you in achieving your potential.

Do not allow yourself to be inhibited. You were meant to design your own achievement. Inhibitions are subtle and limiting. They develop as side effects to our roles as social animals. We create inhibitions to fit into social groups and being accepted. Inhibitions increase and become stronger as the number of wrongful connections increase. Connections can be good to get along but we will lose ourselves by going along to get along. Sometimes we fear what will happen if we do not go along. Fear is a powerful. We must understand that inhibitors are fear based. Cavemen needed fear to live. Today the apparent lack of connectivity creates damaging fear. This fear stops your potential and your ability to design your achievement. It is time to claim your life by designing your achievement. Although you may not be able to change your DNA you are able to change your gene expression.


                                           Action Step

Write down the 5 people you spend the most time. You are the average of those five people. Is that good enough?

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