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What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) is often misunderstood to be a self-serving myopic description of someone’s motivating factors. Too often it carries a negative connotation by those unaware of the positive effects that WIIFM has on our world. WIIFM, like most things in our world, can be used for good or not so good purposes. WIIFM can be found in altruistic ventures and behaviors. WIIFM is the good feeling a person receives from contributing to a worthy cause. WIIFM is the reward of teaching a child how to hit a baseball, learn to ride a bike or fly a kite. WIIFM is found in petting a dog at the shelter and taking her home as your new family member. This is WIIFM. WIIFM is too often associated with money, power, or prestige. There are those among us that do things because it is the “right thing” to do and their motivation is the good feeling of making a positive contribution. Some people will sacrifice to become a positive force in the world. The world contains many of these people. You may know some of these people. 

Successful Living 

We are socialized to focus on the world around us when we should be focusing on the world within us. The world’s goals or models of success do not have to permeate our soul. What the world views as success may not align with your authentic identity. I suggest that people try to not artificially align their model of success with society's version. Stay true to yourself and you will find success. Stay true to the world’s version of success and your life will be full of regrets. Your success may come from helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, driving a bus in Chicago, painting pictures of Central Park, serving food at Village Inn, cooking hamburgers at Wendy’s, delivering pizza, coaching little league sports, or numerous other areas endeavor. WIIFM should serve your authentic identity and soothe your soul.     

I know of no law or rule that says your success must meet the standards of the world. Men have tried to set standards of their version of success. These standards are often another methodology or belief structure to control and contain your potential. You were born with an inherent structure for successful living. You have success within you. It is unique. It is yours. Do those things you do well and allow others to do those things you don’t. We do not demand a racehorse win a weight lifting competition. We do not judge a fish by how well it climbs a tree. So don’t expect yourself to win every contest or to even be good at everything. Life has become overabundant with societal expectations. Do not allow yourself to become distracted from your greatness. Distractions are a threat to a person’s positive, productive, and happy life. Don’t give your life away doing those things you were not designed to accomplish. 

Cognitive Dissonance 

There is grave danger in not living as the authentic you. Cognitive dissonance occurs within the fiber of your being when you attempt to live a life that is not within your inherent structure. This mental stress strikes out in anger at a world. People revolt against being forced to become what was never intended, to love as never intended, to become what should not be. People will rarely realize what they are revolting against but the revolt against to save themselves. This revolt is often misguided because the actions are directed outward. Our focus should be focused inward when protecting ourselves. It is not what is out there that causes us the most harm. It is what is happening inside us that tortures the soul. The giving away of one’s greatness has damaging consequences to the individual and society. The further we wander from our authentic identity the further we are from our purpose. We are lost without ourselves.        

action step 

1.    Does the WIIFM intention serve your authentic identity?

2.    What is the WIIFM intention of the people surrounding you?

3.    In all endeavors, ask yourself “why am I doing this?”


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Marleigh B. Hansen

Georgie, her first pony was waiting for her when she came home from the hospital following her birth. Ponies and horses were her babysitters. She would mount up early in the morning and not get off until time to come in for the evening. Marleigh began barrel racing at the age of 4. Horses are her love and provide her purpose. She left her home in Florida to attend Colorado State University to learn more about horses. Marleigh earned a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Equine Science from Colorado State University. She continued her education in Equine Science and became certified in Equine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy.

 She owns and operates MB Bodyworks providing Equine CranioSacral Therapy. Equine CranioSacral Therapy (EQCST) is one of the most effective and powerful modalities that exist today. CranioSacral deals with the spine and the central nervous system, and it has the ability to correct any physical or emotional pattern in any part of the body.

 CranioSacral Therapy (CST) was pioneered and developed by osteopathic physician John E. Upledger following extensive scientific studies from 1975 to 1983 at Michigan State University, where he served as a clinical researcher and Professor of Biomechanics. EQCST allows the practitioner to evaluate the whole horse and quickly determine problem areas large or small and address them.

Providing Equine Massage and Bodywork to Northern Colorado.


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