06/01/19                                                                                                 Volume 3 Issue 43

                                                                Best You Guru™

                                                        Life is not a dress rehearsal

You know you are feeling good when you are rocking out with your earbuds in listening to your favorite music. Embrace the joy and confidence singing the wrong words to your favorite songs. You know you sound just like Michael Buble or Beyonce in the shower so sing strong and rock on. 

You know life is good and you feel strong when you are singing alone in the car with the windows rolled up. Your spirits are high, your mood is lifted and life is good. This is living. Then we come to a stop light and look over and realize a car full of people is watching. The people next to us may believe us to be crazy. They may not understand. They truth is they don’t hear the music. 

Too many people stop signing when they realize others are watching or listening. Don’t stop being you and living life to your own music just because others may not hear the music. When the car pulls up next to you at the stop light, roll your window down and invite them to sing with you. Live your life to your music and invite others to hear your music. Don’t turn it off. They may need to hear us sing. They may need inspiration to begin singing the words to the music they hear. Help them hear the music. We should all strive to become the person singing the wrong words to their favorite songs. If you know all the words to all the songs, you have not heard enough. You may not always know the words that were written or you may miss the original beat. But you can make it your song. Sing it loud and sing it strong. Own it. Your life should be lived like you are singing in the shower. 

The next time you are at a stop light and you look over to find the person next to you singing their song, be happy. Celebrate the person singing in the car next to you. Let them know you understand and encourage their talents. Smile and give them a thumbs up. They are displaying the courage required to live authentically.

Action step: Sing in your car. Don’t stop when others look your way. Smile and keep singing. Don’t give away your joy. Sing your song.   

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