06/01/18                                                                            Volume 2 Issue 19


                              Best You Guru™

                           Reachers and Settlers

Why do some people achieve much in life and why some achieve little? Why is important to some people to use every ounce of potential within them while others do just enough to get along. Potential is used and potential is wasted. Reasons range from the birthplace of a person, the quality of education a person receives, the family in which they were born, and so many other factors. There is much evidence indicating the geographic location to be the major influence on achievement. However, an empirical review of life provides examples where people overcome the womb lottery. My philosophy is potential is granted at birth. Every life has potential. The circumstances of life may inhibit or benefit this gift. However, potential is an element of human life. We all have potential and we should all use it. If potential was not meant to be used, it would not have been given. 

In the realm of achievement, there are two principal classifications. Reachers are those people seeming to always look at what could be. They dismiss the norm as something that does not have to be. Reachers are often the most frustrated and yet the most satisfied. Reachers always seem to push limits and ask the question why not? Reachers seem to be the people taking the path less traveled. The classification providing the most comfort and contentment care Settlers. Settlers are rule followers and considered salt of the earth. Settlers go along to get along. They accept the norm as the way things should be. Settlers take the path that most traveled always assuming the crowd is right. People are either Reachers or Settlers. I really do not find much crossover in behavior patterns.  Neither classification is superior to the other. People are who they are and what is right or wrong is not the focus of this writing. Each has certain characteristics that cross racial, economic, and social lines. Reachers prefer the pain of discipline to the pain of regret. Settlers generally live life as it comes and assumes little responsibility for life’s direction. Every human being is either a Reacher or Settler.

The question is why some people are motivated to achieve while their peers seem content with less than their potential? Why are some people dominantly proactive to life circumstances while others are dominantly reactive?  Reachers and Settlers can be found in the same family and socioeconomic groups. Reachers are nonconformist. Reachers become entrepreneurs because they are rebels against social norms. Reachers become artists, musicians, and other vocations involving risk. Settlers accept social norms as life’s guideline. Settlers accept vocations of social acceptance. Social norms dictate a good life requires a person to receive a good education so they can get a good job. A good job is the preferred social goal of society. Society’s measurement of an individual’s worth is the job they possess. The Settler embraces this concept and lives life accordingly. Settlers prefer predictability with an illusion of security. Settlers generally make good employees.   

We need Reachers and Settlers for our society to operate efficiently. However, the separate and distinct classifications present a problem for the social process. The goals of each are different. The motivational factors are different. Their contributions are different.  Leaders should understand the differentiation to become more effective. Individuals should learn which classification they belong. Reachers living a Setter’s life will be unfulfilled and frustrated. A Settlers living a Reacher’s life will lead a stressed filled life of unhappiness.

Why some people become Reachers and some people become Settlers is a complex question that involves a lifetime of analysis. What is important to our mission is to help individuals determine which classification do they fall? The only path to true potential development is to determine are you are Reacher or a Settler. Potential will never be realized if a person pursues a course of action which is against their true character. Never be a pretender. Be proud of your potential. Become the best you possible. Be true to who you are and accept the true you.

Action step: Ask yourself if you are a Reacher or a Settler? Be honest.

Review your life. Determine if you are living as the Best You.      

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