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American Exceptionalism

I believe in American Exceptionalism. I believe our great country has advanced the causes of humankind because of its people. The American people have proven that a government governed by the people works. The American people have overcome many adversities to form a more perfect union. All people are born with unique exceptionalism and in the right environment, exceptionalism advances humankind. The need for exceptionalism continues. Our current challenges may be different and require a different type of exceptionalism. But exceptionalism rises to challenges. The use of this exceptionalism is required for each generation. Advancing technology, growing inequality, a changing climate, pandemics, and numerous other challenges face humanity in our modern world. Solving these problems requires exceptionalism that humankind possesses.   



To meet today’s challenges, we need open and honest communication. We need to hear what is being said and not become prisoners of the stories we tell ourselves. We need to watch what is taking place and not become lost in the whirlpool of reality television and perceptions offered by pundits. The truth is not found in reality television. Reality television is a profit procuring illusion. We need to find our truth and speak it. Too often we keep silent when the world needs our voice. We need to speak our truth and listen to the truth in others. People are exposed to more methods of communication than at any time in the history of humankind. In this era of mass communication, people are starving for truth. People are hungry for open and honest communication. Honest communication is lacking when we need it the most. Honest communication begins with you.      


Authentic, Transparent, Honest

To keep American exceptionalism, we must be authentic in our actions, transparent with our motives, and honest with ourselves. We have fooled ourselves into a false sense of normalcy as if the promise of tomorrow is secure in its delivery. Our future is often predicated on today. America exceptionalism needs you. The authentic you. We need the authentic you going forward into the future with the promise that hope offers and hard work delivers. We need each other to live our respective authentic identities and deliver the promises offered in exceptionalism. We need each other. I ask that you give equity in all that you do. American exceptionalism depends on you



American exceptionalism will be required in these trends:

1) Healthier buildings. Buildings powered with cleaner energy. Buildings with cleaner air recycling systems. Buildings designed to have a smaller carbon footprint while allowing employees to be more productive.      

2) Robotics. American manufacturing will have the ability to overcome the disadvantage of competing against foreign competitors with advances in Robotics. 

3) Precision medicine. Medicines will be developed to address specific needs, of a more defined target area, with more precision.   

4) Artificial Intelligence. AI will continue to disrupt industries. Industries ranging from quantum computing to transportation will witness tremendous change.   

5) Human potential. The demand for humankind will be greater than ever witnessed in human history. Humankind will control the technology or the technology will control humankind.  


It is my hope that you comprehend the growing need for American exceptionalism and trends that will disrupt industries. 


Action step:  

1) Review the above-mentioned trends. 

2) Identify how they will impact your life.

3) List the steps to take advantage of these trends.

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