05/15/19                                                                                                   Volume 3 Issue 42

                                                        Best You Guru™

                                                           Live as You

Have you become the victim of the greatest theft in human history? I do not know anyone that would knowingly allow thieves into their home to steal their valuable possessions. I do not know anyone that would purposely allow a thief to steal their car. Allowing people to steal what we hold of value is not normal behavior. And yet people are allowed to steal the authentic identity of other people. Millions of people set no alarm to protect their authenticity. People give up who they are and what they could become to fit into a society that values conformity over individual greatness. People may know something is missing in life but they may never be aware it is their truest self. Alarms are set for material possessions but the value of the authentic identity goes unprotected. Our number one possession, the very essence of who we are, is not protected with the same sense of urgency as our house. There are no security doors, alarm systems, guard dogs, or guns used to protect us. People protect possessions but ignore their authenticity. Thieves continually attempt to break into the minds of the masses. Thieves steal the truest essence of life. They steal you. You have been a victim of theft if you do not know your authentic identity, your truest self, and your purpose in life. They never change but maybe you have.

You don’t have to live like a refugee. You were born with a curious wonderment about the world around you. Use that curiosity. Discover your truest self and the gifts are given to you. You have the right to live in a state of contentment and happiness. You deserve it because you were born with the gifts providing peace and happiness. You have everything you need to live the life you love. It may be buried deep within you but it is there. It may be covered with expectations of family, friends, and institutions of society. But it is there. It may be denied or ignored. But it is there. Your authentic identity never leaves you. Find it, live it, and be it.     

 A turtle is born as a turtle and lives as a turtle. A lion is born as a lion and lives like a lion. You were born as you so live life as you. Build upon your authentic identity. Become stronger, wiser, better, and happier you.  

Action step: Identify behaviors that bring saddens, regret, or hurt. Make an effort to remove all behaviors that do not bring peace, contentment, or happiness. You may not control your world but you can control your behaviors.

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