05/15/18                                                                         Volume 2 Issue 18

                                                Best You Guru™ 

                                             Be aware and Proud

The strongest magnet on earth is negative people. Negative people search for and seek out positive people because they do not want to be alone. Negative people fear to be alone. The bad apple metaphor will once again be proven true. The bad apple metaphor describes the real phenomenon of the rapid spread of rot from apparently inconsequential or even innocent human relationships. Negativity is the rot of the human soul infecting millions of people robbing them of their potential.  Negativity is infectious and is spread by human carriers. The majority of carriers may have little knowledge of their infectious disease. The negativity conversion process begins immediately once a connection is made. The conversion will take place unless the noncarrier is aware and has a negative defense system in place.   

The fear of being the only negative person is strong enough to consume the person and amplify their resolve to infect the world around them. Negative people have a strong dislike of positive people. Positive people represent a world unlike the world of the negative person. This dissimilar world appears as a threat to the negative person. The positivity threat must be eliminated or neutralized. Positive people represent everything negative people reject.

Be aware and prepared when you find yourself an attraction for negativity people. Negative people will seek you out because they disdain positivity. They attract negativity to all those around. Negative people and negative talk attach to the ill-prepared like a strong magnet. Brace yourself. The pursuit of potential Achievement quest comes with people that will remind you that you can’t do this. A person’s entire life is filled with reminders of what you can’t do. We are taught to read, write, how to ride a bike but we are not taught how to fight the negativity of the world. Negative people are everywhere and we are not self-defense for an attack of negativity. The attacks begin early in life. The average toddler hears the word no 400 times per day. They may be innocent or under the pretext of helping but they are attacks on our achievement potential. Most people fail because they hold onto negative opinions. These opinions, regardless of intent, will cripple human potential and limit achievement.  

We at Best You believe in you and your potential. We encourage you to be loyal to your mission and not listen to anyone who is not operating consistently with it by only providing reasons for why you can’t. Not one of your friends really wants you to fail. They may not recognize their negativity but you must. Do not let their negativity sway you from your dreams. Believe in you or believe in them. Each of us has a choice of belief. We can believe in our ability to achieve or in their negativity. The naysayers ask you believe in their vision of you. They ask you to ignore your inner vision and accept their vision of you. Forget about aiming to please. You can't be someone you are not and still be genuine.    

Action step: Write down your current goal. The goal that is next on your achievement plan. Individually, present this to your friends. Listen closely and observe their reactions. Determine if they present a positive energy to your personal achievement or a negative energy. It is critical to know where your source of strengths and assets can be found in times of need.

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