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                                                             Wet Blanket Syndrome

Timothy Wilson Ph.D. has conducted research concluding “the brain considers change very dangerous”. The mind sees change as a threat thus the mind will create emotional resistance. “If the mind can kill a great idea by dampening it with emotional turmoil, it will.” This is why it is difficult for people to find happiness and purpose in life. Reconnecting to your authentic identity is difficult because of social programming. The idea of living authentically creates turmoil and thus the brain resists. An individual must become emotional about living authentically since the brain is hardwired against change and societal instructions have an agenda that disregards the authentic identity. Become passionate about your life and be mindful of the Shakespearean quote “To thine own self be true”. This was Poloniu’s last piece of advice to his son Laertes. It is this advice that each individual should follow in order to live a happy and satisfying life. It is the emotion of passion that can help reactivate genetic expression thus allowing the individual to become more engaged with their inherent potential.

Dr. Wilson, known for his work of the unconscious mind, believes that a person is what they do. If a person wants to know themselves, they should pay attention to their activities. The authentic identity theory believes the activities of an adult may not truly represent the authentic person and may be merely a representation of social programming. The authentic identity theory advocates the activities of early childhood are a truer reflection of the personality of a person. Psychologist Daryl Bem in his self-perception theory believes people come to believe who they are based upon their behavior. The self-perception theory has been confirmed by hundreds of experiments. The theory puts forth the idea that when people are free to engage in activities of their choosing it is a reflection of who their true self. A person gains knowledge not by looking inward but by looking at their activities. 

Much truth can be found in both positions on identity. However, caution must be used in forming conclusions. Serious consequences are found if one assumes their current activity is their truest self. An example of serious consequences is found in the mental adjustments required of military personnel returning from war. Their most recent activities may conflict with socially acceptable behavior in non-conflict areas. Their most recent conduct may be the killing of people. Some of the killings may have been of innocent civilians whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In a non-conflict area, this is considered murder. But just yesterday it was required of the military personnel. Is this person a murderer? The person is now conflicted as to their true identity. The programming of war hijacked their previous programming which may have hijacked their authentic identity. So now the person is further removed from authenticity. It is not always what a person does that reflects who they are.

It is our belief that if you want to know who you were meant to be, your authentic identity, pay attention to what you did as a child. Our current behaviors are a reflection of subtle pressure and our reactions to that pressure. If we understand our authentic identity, we use that pressure to make ourselves stronger and fulfill our true potential always maintaining our sense of who we are regardless of the activities required of a situation.

Action step: Review your previous week’s activities. Make a list of activities that define you. Make a list of activities that define your action as it relates to the situation but is not a reflection of your authentic self. How you tell the difference is determined by defining what activities brought you happiness and what activities did you take part out of necessity. The lines are not always clear but define them. This activity helps clarify your authenticity. 

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