05/01/18                                                                              Volume 2 Issue 17

                                  Best You Guru

                                          Achievement is not a result

You were born with the achievement gene. A baby’s first major achievement is walking. Walking is a foundation. A child learning to walk will fall many times. Their pride is not damaged. Their ego does not inhibit. Their desire to achieve surpasses all else. Rise and fall is the pattern of true personal achievement. Achievement is natural. You were born to achieve. Achievement forms the building blocks of living your greatness. Too many people believe achievement is a result. No, achievement is a building block. Achievement is a building block to what is called your life. Achievement is the gateway to your greatness.

At Best You, we believe the foundation of living a better life is a better you. Achievement is the foundation upon which all other theories remain theories. Achievement is the catalyst for a better life. Achievement builds upon itself. Without achievement, nothing is realized. The amount or type of achievement is not as relative as if the achievement goal develops within the individual. We too often align with societal wishes and betray our personal goals. Many of us trade our childhood dreams and ambitions for those approved by our family and friends. Our society has established norms of what is an acceptable goal. This inhibits personal achievement. An individual must follow their true goals to reach their life’s potential.          

People throughout your life will tell you about what you cannot accomplish. People will inform you of your limitations. Society is full of people who enforce the norms and standards. True achievers listen and follow their individual greatness. Do not allow people, who are not brave enough to follow their dreams, dissuade you from chasing yours. You had dreams as a child. You knew more about you and your dreams long before you were told the limitations of your potential. Ask a child about their dreams and they will tell you. Ask an adult and you will find the dreams gone. I ask each of you to stay focused on your childhood mission. You knew it as a child. Live your dreams and use your potential by understanding your childhood dreams. The world is full of people informing of what cannot be accomplished. You can either believe them or believe in you and your dreams.   

Success really means removing all the expectations given by others and getting back to be being true to you. You have one life so live it as you.

Action step:  Think back to your childhood. Recall childhood memories. Ask your childhood friends, relatives, and people that knew you. What were your interests? Who did you want to be and what did you want to be when you grew up?

Write it down. Remind yourself of your potential. Live to your potential.          


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