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Most of the currency in the world is based on credit. Credit has become a crucial part of our modern society due to an increasing dependency on a global economy. Credit is based upon the stories we tell ourselves. The credit story is about a better future. The better the story of the future the easier it is to obtain credit. More credit requires a better story of the future. Good storytelling is required for good credit. Without a better story, the system collapses and the money evaporates. When the money evaporates social order breakdowns. The weaker members of society are most affected. Structures collapse when we stop believing in stories. 

Stories of Society

We live in a fear-based society focusing on cautioning us. These stories remind us how difficult life is, or warn us how hard it is to make money, or hold us back lest we bite off more than we can chew. These stories scream "look out” instead of “rock on”. We are taught to limit ourselves. Teachers grade tests and count the number wrong instead of highlighting the right answers. We tend to limit the pie instead of growing the pie. As a result, people tend to focus on lack. People tend to notice their lack. They use their lack as a justification of why they can’t. They lack the money, they lack the time, they lack the connections, they lack the education, and the list of lack goes on. These stories of fear, caution, and lack often become a self-created reality. These self-created stories deny people a life they have the potential to live. Don’t automatically seek to cut back, save resources, and play it safe. Analyze situations. Don’t make limitations to your natural response. Research the ways you can expand, grow, and start living as the authentic you. Life is not a zero-sum game. Learn to expand the pie instead of limiting the pie. Live your story truthfully, live to your potential, and expand the pie.  

Your personal story 

Truthful, accurate, and adequate confidence is the essential fuel for living your potential. Confidence can only come from accepting truthful knowledge. Anything else is false confidence or arrogance. Confidence allows you to be brave enough to live your authentic identity and live your dreams. True confidence in your authentic identity is the fuel that makes dreams come true. Avoid the hubris of the myopic self-proclaimed prophets that inhibit a society. They will deliver false hope and delusions of grandeur leading to a life filled with continual disappointment. Live the confidence in knowing your truth. Live the confidence of your story and allow it to serve as a testament to potential.   

Members of society praise certain people and criticize others. This activity is normally based on the values of the giver. Constructive criticism is lacking in our society. Criticism given in love for the person is often lacking in the modern world. Criticism is often given with little or no logic or rationale that perpetuates the betterment of society. People slow to conform to institutional values are criticized and encouraged to lack confidence. Their differences are touted as outside the definition of normal, right, or moral. The world will teach you that either who you are will be punished or it will be celebrated. That socialization process will often move young people to a place where they start to lose confidence. This happens most frequently with children on the margins. The world too often teaches people not to be confident in who they are. To advance humankind we must teach children of the assets they already have within them. Confidence is built by a community. We need people in our lives permitting us to defy limited expectations. We need to help people understand their worth. We have to quiet the voices of doubt. We must rise above the noise. Truth is often found in the pauses of silence. 

Action step: 

Identify the voices in your life. Learn to still the voices, internal and external, of the naysayers. Lift to your ears and absorb into your heart the voices that tout your true potential. Listen to the voices of your authentic identity and the not illusion society may provide.     

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