04/15/18                                                                                Volume 2 Issue 16

                                                Best You Guru


We have been socialized to become the audience. We are encouraged to be a member of an expanding audience. Television, sporting events, You Tube, Facebook, iPhone videos, and the list goes on. For many people their life is centered around becoming a member of the audience. There seems to be a pride in what we saw as opposed to what we did. Achievement has taken a back seat to voyeurism. We are encouraged to watch a barrage of events ranging from people fighting in a cage to You Tube videos of people using firework to blow off their fingers. Somehow, we are not complete if we do not make ourselves available to watch everyone else doing something. We become persuaded to believe that we will miss out on something marvelous if we don’t watch every recommended video. We are spending hours watching other play video games via social media game platforms. We have people that are famous for being famous. You have to accomplish nothing to be famous in our world of watching. Watching has become America’s newest addiction.

History records America as being founded by doers. People who, right or right, America was founded by doers. Americans have transformed themselves from achievers to watchers. We will arise from our stupor of watching. There are three types of people in the world: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. As a nation will we soon become listed in the third category. One by one we seem to be following the trend. Will we reach the tipping point and cross over? Will we have enough people revolt and once again become a nation of doers?   

You may not have the ability to persuade or dissuade others but you do influence you. You have the greatest influence in your life. Will you leave a legacy of watching or doing? Is being an audience member enough for you? Do you deserve being an achiever? Many questions and only you have the answer. How will you spend your remaining days?    

Action step:             Average age is 75

                                Your age _____ x 365  = Days you lived

                                Subtract 27,375

These are the days you have left as a member of the audience or as an achiever.

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