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Imagine the life you were designed to live. Can you? Will you? Imagine how your life experiences would be different if you lived your potential instead of living the life socialized for you. Do you dare? Imagine walking your unique, authentic, and inherent path. Did you know you have been gifted a path? Imagine the hours you have spent pleasing others hoping to gain their acceptance. Was it worth it?  


We spend such a short time on this earth and yet we fail to honor the most precious component of life. Time. Spending your minutes trying to be accepted, trying to fit in, and attempting to satisfy social expectations is something we all do. Every person has spent some portion of their limited minutes of life in an attempt to satisfy social expectations. You have only fooled yourself if you believe you have avoided the impact of societal pressures. You have been impacted. Those who think they have avoided the seduction of society are the ones most imprisoned. Self-imprisonment is rampant in our culture. People aware of societal pressures that take the necessary actions to curtail the negative pressures of life possess the ability to maintain their authentic identity.      

We should spend our limited hours on the positive work that represents our authentic identity. Time cannot be saved. Time cannot be earned. Time can never be recovered. Time is like “an hourglass glued to the table”. Money can accrue interest whereas the spending of time cannot. Spending the precious minutes of your time should be an interesting, exciting, and valuable addition to your legacy. Time is the most precious gift we have been given. People will often waste this unappreciated gift until it is almost gone. We underestimate our value. We underestimate the importance of time. Time allows us the opportunity to live a life of greatness. Do you allow time to serve you or are you serving time? 


We have a limited number of hours to live our authentic life. Each of us has a purpose. We are designed for a mission. But where does the time go? What happens to our purpose? Do we ever complete our mission or do we leave this life never understanding the importance of our mission? Do we take our last breath never understanding our purpose and the mission we were given? These are questions that we will answer. Sooner or later. If we fail to answer these questions during our walk they will be answered during our last breath.         

Transaction versus relational 

Life is not a merely transactional endeavor but more a relationship with oneself. I suggest your happiness and success are hypothesized in the equity theory. You will receive from your life what you put into your life. You will not have the success worthy of your life if you put your hopes and dreams into a life that is formed from societal expectations. Society does not know you or your potential. Society only knows what it wants you to be. Society has a role for you to play. Be brutally honest and ask yourself, do people accept you for who you are, or have you become what they wanted you to be. Have you traded the authentic you to become a version of what was expected of you? The real question is would you even know?  

True view versus worldview 

You entered this life with a true view. You knew you. Have you forgotten the authentic you and accepted the worldview of you? The worldview of you is easy to accept. The worldview of you is seductive and acceptable. It is easier to deny reality than to allow your worldview to be shattered. The true view of you is only seen by you. It requires faith and strength to stay true to your authentic identity. Your truth will live in the shadows once you accept the worldview of you as your truth. Your truth will never be the worldview of you. It can’t be. I ask that you never accept the worldview of you. Remember it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.  

Action step: 

1.  Challenge your opinions and assumptions. Challenge yourself. I am asking you to do one of the most honest and informing self-examination processes a person can undertake. Ask yourself the most important question one can ask, how do you know what you know?  


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