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We are facing a crisis. We face a medical crisis, a crisis of confidence, an economic crisis, and a crisis in direction. We face an environmental crisis. We face an educational crisis, a health crisis, and a crisis of unity. Crises are all around us. The impact of a crisis on humankind is well recorded. On many levels’ life is a crisis. Successful living requires facing a crisis with a positive belief in your abilities and a determination to grow from the crisis. For many people, the Coronavirus is the first crisis they have faced allowing them to feel extremely vulnerable. It may be the first time they face a medical threat, financial distress, or emotional upheaval. The lessons learned can provide much future benefit. The world is in crisis. We may be up to our necks in turbulent waters. But the water levels will subside. We are learning much about ourselves and those around us. When the tide of this crisis has receded, we will have learned much. Crisis reveals much of our character. It is an opportunity to learn, grow, and enrich the life we live. Warren Buffett reminds us that it is “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked”. 

Social Distancing 

People are being asked to enforce social distancing. Social distancing can vary in meaning based on circumstances. Social distancing is considered an effective behavior that anyone and everyone should practice during a pandemic. Dr. Susy Hota states that working from home, canceling mass gatherings and events is social distancing. Denise Rousseau, a professor of organizational behavior and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, says “This is how people need to think when they’re in their day to day interactions at a time like this. How can I reduce the risk?” Rousseau explains social distancing is a response during a disease outbreak by creating distance between yourself and other people. This is meant to reduce the likelihood of virus transfer. CDC recommends keeping six to ten feet away from other people. It is not always possible but we all should do the best we can. It is not only you that you are protecting. You are protecting others as well   


Americans are being asked to self-quarantine. Self-quarantine means stay at home and monitor yourself for any signs of infection, coughing, fever, chills, or muscle aches, for the incubation period of 14 days. For many of us, who enjoy reading, writing, research, and contemplation, self-quarantine is a luxury. The why of the self-quarantine could be worrisome but for many people, self-quarantine could be a welcomed vacation. So put this event in perspective. Entertain yourself, educate yourself, and refresh yourself. You may use this time to redesign yourself or redesign the world. In 1665 the Great Plague of London ravaged the city. Isaac Newton self-quarantine and changed the world. Calculus and the laws of Physics were developed by Newton during his time in self-quarantine. Use this time to refocus yourself and maybe you will change the world.        


The emotional impact of a crisis must be considered. Maintaining calm and clear thoughts during a crisis is critical to personal health. In a fight, it is the person who loses their calmness that is most likely to suffer defeat. Successful conflict resolution requires a plan implemented with a thoughtful calmness. Collectively we will solve the coronavirus crisis. Individually it is up to each person to solve the emotional crisis. It is your emotional state that requires your attention. Our emotions are within our control. Emotions are influenced by external factors but each individual regulates the depth to which they disrupt emotional intelligence. Be involved in activities that encourage the clear and concise calmness required of achievement. Meditation, yoga, reading, walks in the woods, sitting on a deserted beach, count your breaths, or petting animals are just a few of the activities a person can involve themselves that will calm the emotions and center their thoughts.


Disney employs Imagineers as opposed to engineers. They ask their Imagineers to think outside the normal thought processes of engineering and imagine what could be designed. They ask what could be built. They ask their Imagineers to imagine what would “wow” the people and add benefit to their Disney experience. Each of us should become the Imagineers of our lives. A crisis is the best time to reflect, analyze and plan. We should imagine the “wow” that could be added to our lives. We should imagine how to construct the life that we were designed to live. Engineers are limited by codes, guidelines, and the desires of other people. Imagine the life meant for you instead of the one designed for you. Become the Imagineer of your life.  

 Action step: 

Listen to stories of your truth and put hyperbole in its place. There is no lack or limit to your authentic greatness. Use this time to set up a whiteboard, chalkboard, or some other form to gather and display information. 

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